Adult Hurling Leagues 2021

I heard some clubs might be putting forward a motion or suggestion that the 2021 Leagues start off the way they finished in 2020 i.e same fixtures and if 2 games were played in 2020 the results of those will carry over and fixture will just continue on from there.

Any thoughts?

All clubs in favour = Those who won the games they played before shut down

All clubs against = Those who lost all games they played before shutown


What’s the point?


What if you won 1 lost 1…?

Cant see much support for it myself.

I guess its being pushed by teams who won their 1st two matches.

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Just write it off and start the leagues again no?

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Nobody has a clue what 2021 will bring so a bit ridiculous to be thinking this far ahead IMO.
The leagues usually start when Winter is still going strong so I would expect COVID cases to be very high at that stage. Sport might get sacrificed again if big business is suffering.


Well if they are under pressure with fixtures due to Covid etc. it could be used to speed up the season a bit. I assume as all the teams in the Leagues will the same that the fixtures for 2020 will just be replicated for 2021 all going well?

This was the first year of a 2 year cycle, so teams will most likely still play the same teams in that order just home/away will be reversed

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Think the announced very early.on all leagues cancelled and no promotion /relegation. If anything 2021 will be a fresh start I think in the gaa calendar, bringing results forward is a no go under the rules and I dont see much support being honest.


If I’m not mistaken most teams didn’t play any games in the 2020 leagues, we had weekly Weekend storms back in February/ March which closed most pitches. A full restart from scratch is the only option.

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No support it’s not a runner . Thats up there with the most poorly thought out ideas.
League scrapped and start in 2021 as we were in 2020

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