Adult LGFA Club Games 2023

Clontarf v Boden match of the week

Then a case of whether TD can rack up scores against Cuala

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What’s the permeations required for TD or Foxrock to come out of the grouo

Yeah i think Davis need to win by 11 to put them ahead of Fox Cab. Will still be very unfair on Fox Cab if they do it.

Clontarf v Boden should be a good game

Yeah I think Thomas Davis need to win by 12 which is a big ask as its a home game for Cuala. Crokes have topped the group as I see it based on the head to head rule so their game v Sylvesters is a dead rubber for both sides. Clontarf v Boden will say who comes second. I think Boden by 5 or 6 if they have a full team available

Cuala vs TD on in Abbotstown.

I presume Abbotstown is a big pitch

Few big games tonight Wil go for
Na Fianna
To make semi finals

The intermediate clash between St Maurs and O’Dwyers was the featured game last week. Maurs won 3-10 to 1-10 with the Carthy sisters (Niamh and Laura) combining for 1-7 of that total. Aoife Curley and Grainne Conway with the other goals. Shannon Richardson with the majority of scores for O’Dwyers ending with 1-7 (0-5f).

It means barring a huge defeat to Lucan and other results not going their way Maurs will be in the semifinals. The other group Fingallians have been a step and then some above everybody else winning all 4 of their group games. A win for Judes over Clanna Gael Fontenoy should seal them a spot in the semis as well.

They should beat Cuala by the 11 required .
Cuala are safe and little to play for. If the Brigid’s result was excluded then I think they’d need to win by nearer 30 points .

Can see an objection coming in from Foxcab mightn’t be the end of this yet

Clontarf beat Boden by 6

What’s the semi final line up.

Crokes V TD Presuming there’s no objection or injunction

Na Fianna V Clontarf

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I never thought I’d have sympathy for Foxcab but it’s harsh to go out like that. Without the walkover they get through I reckon.

Can’t see anything other than Crokes v Na Fianna final

It’s a very harsh rule.

Could understand been penalised if you gave a walkover but to be penalised because another club didn’t field seems wrong.

NF won 5-18 to 0-02 …

Agree, but cant see any change as the rule is there ovsioubly the rules need to be changed on the back of this for next year

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Yeah can’t see there being a change, they announced provisional semi final matches for next week and it’s TD v Crokes

Same situation happened my club about 8-10 years ago in a lower level championship group.

We were onto the board at the time who expressed their disappointment at how it turned out and mentioned how unfair it was but ultimately there was nothing they could do as it was the rules (which is fair enough)

However it doesn’t fill me with confidence to see the same thing happen again.
Obviously despite their (genuine) sympathy, nothing has changed!