Advantage Rule in Hurling

Can anyone give a definite rule on this. It seems to me to vary from referee to referee. Referee in last game gave team advantage to get shot away then called it back if they missed??

Advantage Rule is defined as:
“When a foul is committed the referee may allow the play to continue if he considers it to be to the advantage of the offended team. He shall signal that advantage by raising an arm upright. If he deems no advantage to have occurred, he may subsequently award a free for that foul from where it occurred*. The referee shall allow the advantage to run by maintaining his arm in the upright position for up to five seconds after the initial foul or for less time if it becomes clear that no advantage has accrued. He shall apply any relevant disciplinary action.”

Basically have 5 seconds to gain an advantage. All referees seem to have their own take on it. Can be frustrating when an ‘advantage’ doesn’t accrue and you would have preferred the free, or if you’re on the flip side and they miss the shot and then get the free. It’s such a fast game and referees have different opinions on what exactly is an advantage. It’s a tough one…

Cheers lads.

Its fairly straightforward - 5 seconds to play on. If no clear advantage within that 5 seconds you bring it back for the free. If a shot taken within the 5 seconds goes wide, the free is still awarded. You don’t have to play the advantage if you feel there may not be one. The only twist is that if the player who is awarded the advantage commits a foul (of ant sort) the advantage is lost and a free is awarded against him.

Seems strange - would have called that as no advantage has occurred and brought back for original free.

If a player kicks the ball after say 4 seconds and it hangs in the air for 2 - what is the call here? Should the ref wait to see if his man wins or loses the ball before calling play back? Or does a decision have to be made as the ball is in the air?

Yep, that’s the rule.

I’m sure no ref will count to 5. If there is an obvious advantage, then play it. If not, award the free. A bit like the “steps”, how many deranged refs do you see count 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,4, 1,2,3,4 with every passage of play :grinning: