What happens if there is a second foul committed while advantage is being played, in fact it was probably the case the other day, can the ref extend the advantage?

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Yes but no. Cant give another 5 seconds extension immediately after the original 5 seconds

Technically the ref is to give 5 seconds, if the team in possession is gaining advantage and the 5 seconds runs out, then a new passage of play begins and another potential 5 seconds of advantage could occur…and again and again etc.

Arguably the advantage could run for ages once a team maintains possession. Rare, but could occur.

Whenever you are a foul and advantage and then another foul in the large square you never see a pen given. Even the pundits say things like ‘the first foul was outside’ etc etc. Surely in that case a pen should be given every time?

If within the advantage time the free will be in the most advantageous position. In your example, it should be a penalty.

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But they never do and the thick pundits always call it wrong too.

True and true - but does that surprise you?

Not a bit! :joy:

I might try this reffing lark - I seem to be getting the hang of it. Can you start in your mid 50s? I’d be better than fcukin Lane.

Straight into the senior champ for a gent of that vintage! Be grand :zipper_mouth_face:

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What is amazing is the lack of knowledge of many of the rules by public, pundits, players and management. One would question why all teams do not hold sessions every year briefing themselves on the playing rules.
May not seem important but could assist during the course of a game - eg remind a ref that if a defending player touches the ball in the small square from a 13m free and is not the requisite distance, a penalty must be awarded.


Also remind a ref that when a Dublin player is being dragged down, punched in the face or being held in a bear hug it’s at least a free.

:thinking: or be penalised for headbutting a fist :wink:


You’d wonder if there is any objectivity left at all out there with this Dublin team. Lane’s performance was up there with Cormac Reilly’s in the 2014 replay - the only difference is it didn’t cost us the game. But he won’t suffer the same fate as Reilly cos nobody is saying a word. All you hear is St Jude’s Gough and Dublin Joe. Fcukin hilarious really …