Afl 1 2022

Think lads are getting a bad rap , of course there have been walk overs and some questionable ones at that
Equally no one is speaking up for the lads who are , like those that went before them and have put the effort in
Just in my club we had a big play off game , one of our senior lads left a wedding , played and went back
I’m sure there are hundreds of stories around the clubs like that

I don’t know the stats in comparison to other years and if they support or disprove a drop off of application


Nothing to do with lads not wanting to play. Some teams have been finished 4 weeks . A league game that means nothing fixed on a weekend when not expected is the issue . Players sacrifice alot missing weekends away weddings etc tru out season when games are on and so they arent going to for a meaningless game that was thrown in if they have nothing to play for and something on that weekend. So its not lads dont want to play i can asure u all players will play if available . The problem is a team that is still in championship or was only beaten last week and could be in contention to get relegated or promoted could be playing a team finished 4 weeks safe in league and finished season so lads could have done right think and booked hols or weekends away . Could be massive advantage playing a seriously weakened team that’s the issue with this now

And just for the record i am not against split season but for it to work imo league has to finish before championship


Anyone i know left in the champo are motivated, look at mick fitz best man Friday and champo Saturday.


The answer then is to play in July and don’t use the rule that allows the postponement of the last two league games when lads are with Dublin. Nearly all the outstanding games are due to that.
In fairness to DCB they did tell teams that back games would be played as teams finished championship so lads should have expected their games to be played now


It really is the elephant in the room, and has been for donkeys years. Make them available for any two games during the year, outside of the final two, and the problem is sorted. This crack of it having to be the last two is pure shite.

Also - Ballymun have to show up to that last game, or they’re down. Wonder if it’ll be a case of, Show up, shake hands, pay the ref the fee for both teams and head home.


It’s an absolute nonsense it truly is

I see Lucan have conceded their AFL1 back match v Castleknock on Saturday. Not surprising!!!

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I blame the split season ……

Proves my point lads aren’t really arsed anymore

Even though a meaningless game, why would ya not want to go and have a game of ball of a Saturday afternoon? Long time before decent weather and pitches next year, cant understand it


Doesn’t matter when these games are scheduled culturally things have changed

Maybe 10 team leagues are the way forward

But maybe that’s too many games as well

Should be a 5 grand fine per walkover at senior level


Ive had a quick look over leagues and done rough maths , less than 3% of games were cancelled in adult if you include Hurling and football
For my own club four football teams and two hurling close to 100 games and I can only recall two concessions

What’s happened is theres been cancelations in leagues you would not expect as at a higher standard , and that’s brought the issue into the spotlight

Cant understand LJs narrative when you see the level of commitment and decide lads don’t give a shit , its like you’ve made a stance that lads don’t care and will only see the evidence that supports it

Our 2nd team hurlers went out to Castleknock on Sunday we had 15 players were never going to beat them in a month of Sundays
They had easily 22 togged for their 3rd team , across the way their 4th team were all togged , we went down to 14 players and respect to Castleknock they took to the pitch for 2nd half with 14 players only

There’s as much evidence that lads are as dedicated as ever if you look for it


I’m comfortable with my assessment . Never seen so many walkovers in the high point of the season

I blame the split season …

Club should be played before the Inter County season


Top three teams in AFL 1 are in the SFC semi finals.

Two of the top three teams in AFL 2 are in the SFC2 semi finals.

But lads don’t care about the league.


Clontarf conceded v Cuala as well

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Generation Z

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Ballinteer will be delighted with that. If they can win their last game it would push Cuala into a relegation playoff

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Other way around surely, Balinteer would have wanted the game to be played and Clontarf to beat Cuala, now they have to beat Boden


Last bitta ball for 5 months lads, anyone interested!! :frowning: