AFL 1 North 2021

Massive win for Mearnog over Vinnies tonight.

Na Fianna picked up the win over Clontarf

Mun gave Skerries a beating

A 1 point win for Maurs away to Brigids is a good result for them

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Fear it’ll be a tough year for Vins this year.

Ive heard a number of key players stepped away for various reasons

Any names? Shane Carthy is gone stateside is only one I heard

No idea how much truth is behind it but Connolly, Quinn and Brennan (again) are unavailable currently along with Carthy

Brennan managing Carlow so that makes sense I guess, Mossy is like a fine wine, ya only break him out for the big nights, Connolly a massive loss if gone!


is there promotion or relegation this year in the leagues ?

If not let’s be honest they are more or less championship preparation games

Not sure how much I’d read into the results then

Heard that DC and Brennan were gone. Not Tomas.
Along with Carthy that’s an incredible amount of talent to lose in one go.


Wow. I was planning to go see a few Vins games as a neutral just to see Connolly playing. Sorry to hear he’s not playing. But like you say, a huge amount of talent to lose in one go

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Mun hit 7-16 last night. Without any of their county lads. That’s serious going first day out. Only league I know, but must be a short price to win Championship again.

Is Brennan still managing Bray Emmets?

Mossy had shoulder surgery not too long ago

Ah right. Didn’t know that. Hopefully back for championship. Need him!


Another big score put up by Ballymun. Brigids & Clontarf drew and NaF beat Skerries

It was great to be in Pairc Ciceam tonight to watch the match. Entertaining free flowing football with some great scores taken by both teams. Nice too to see a goodly number of old codgers who were also in attendance. Jamesy, Dean and the two Smallies were on the line in civvies roaring the young fellas on. A breath of fresh air to be able to watch a game.


Brigids and Mearnog drew 1-13 each

Vinnies edged Skerries by 1pt

Clontarf beat Maurs by 6

Na Fianna beat Ballymun by a few

Good win for Skerries over Brigids tonight

3-09 to 0-11

Clontarf beat Mearnog 2-15 to 1-11

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Brigids and Ballymun drew 1-7 to 10

Clontarf beat Vinnies by 2pts

Maurs beat Skerries 3-8 to 1-5

Na Fianna v Mearnog appears to have been called off?