AFL 10 North 2021

Tomorrows Fixtures

Brigids 3-09 _ 0-09 Naomh Barrog

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Isles 8 cilles 1-11…

Tight game all the way. Goal proved the difference when ilses had a man in the sin bin. We kicked a couple of late scores to make it look more comfortable than it was.

Good side isles and best of luck for the rest of the season


Any other results from last week

Fins beaten by Whitehall. Whitehall a very fit team. Must have been training with the Kerry boys before the rest were allowed back :wink: good team, deserved the win!

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In div 10 :sob:

I know. The wing back supposedly runs long distance for Ireland :joy:

I hope he has a race that day we play them so :joy::joy:

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We’ve a 49 year old that plays wing forward when fit I’m sure he will keep up with him

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Anyone hear of fixtures moving from Sunday to Friday and or Monday?


Great stuff…

Any scores men

Brigids 2-11 _ 1-08 Fingallians.

Had been 1-08 each at start of the last water break so score flattered Brigids

Good to see a few of the Fingallians lads having a few pints in the Brigids beer garden after the game aswel . What AFL 10 is all about


Cilles 2-14 barrog 12 points.

Is Dermo Hynes still playing with ye

He sure is pal. No doubt looking forward to the game against you guys

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Brigids 2-14 Sylvesters 2-12

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Very tight game could have went either way

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Agreed, well done to yous and good luck rest of the year :smiley:

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