AFL 11 North 2022

Haven’t played Div 11 in a while. What is the story, can you arrange with opposition to play a few more bodies than the 5 subs or is it by the book ?

All by the book from my experience with the division anyway

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Can you play 13 a side and use 7 subs?

Can defo play 13 a-side but not sure bout 7 subs.

This rule is if one team has 13 and other has 20 I thought. The team that has 20 can play with 13 and use their 5 subs and their additonal 2 to bring their 13 - 15.

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All league games shall be 15 aside. If a team is unable to field 15 players, 13 or 14 a side may be played, with both teams playing the same number of players (13 v.13 or 14 v.14) in the following leagues: AFL10 or lower and MFL3 or lower. Where a game goes ahead with either 13 or 14 a side, up to 20 players may be used by the team with the greater number of players present.

That’s the rule. You can’t play 13 if you’ve more than 13, some teams agree before to play more than the 5 subs if they’ve them available.


Thanks TP, that clarifies it.

Are you allowed not to smoke at half-time?


I remember playing a match in AFL10 or 11 and opposition wanted to play 13 a side. They had about 20 lads togged out. Didn’t say much for lads on the line :joy:


Reminds me of someone I know who was the 16th man on a colleges team who only had 15 players for a game!!!

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When both teams have more then 20 (which rarely happens) I’ve seen more than 5 subs being allowed if agreed between both teams. Off the top of my head we had 4 games last year in AFL 10 North and Junior 5 All County Championship where it was agreed between both teams and more than 5 subs were allowed

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Would want to be a right plonker not to be agreeing to that at least at this level


Well most teams we have asked over the last few years haven’t agreed. Even for meaningless games where both have 20 + players and neither can be promoted or relegated.

Bit of cop on required, give lads a run out

I can understand teams being wary if it’s a championship game. Junior 5 champo is littered with teams that suddenly find form, numbers and players when there is a medal to be got, but for mid table league games it makes no sense at all.


We would always been ok with running lads in and out. We even gave Lusk a couple of players last year so we could play the game too.


When we play Isles or Colmcilles it’s always been agreed in both league and Championship over the years. Might help that we have ex players playing for both of them clubs so they’d no who we have by looking over the line

you lads a professional outfit - getting 20+ lads out for AFL 11 - fair fucks

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AFL 10. I’d say every team we played had 20 + players last year

Fair play to Lusk today. We had 21 players out and no issues with running lads in and out. Ref Colm McHale was excellent too. We got a bit of a run around with Lusk much fitter and sharper. 2-21 to 1-2. Shooting practice during the week for sure. Well done Lusk, good team who will be up there for honours.