AFL 11 (North) 2022

Teams this year:

Ballymun Kickhams
Erins Isle
Man O War
Na Fianna
Na Gaeil Aeracha
Naomh Mearnog
Round Towers Lusk
Scoil Ui Chonaill
St Margarets
St Maurs
St Monicas
St Oliver Plunketts ER
St Patricks (D)
St Peregrines
Whitehall Colmcille

Results from the first round of games:

Ballymun Kickhams 10-20 0-0 Na Gaeil Aeracha
Garristown 2-6 1-6 Man O War
Na Fianna 1-6 4-10 St Margarets
Naomh Mearnog 0-10 1-9 St Peregrines
Round Towers Lusk 2-21 1-2 Erins Isle
Scoil Ui Chonaill 2-6 3-6 St Maurs
St Oliver Plunketts vs St Pats Donabate (conceded by St Pats)
Whitehall Colmcille 1-08 3-9 St Monicas

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No mercy from the Mun there jaysis


Looks like a tough league this year. A lot of tight games this week. Does anyone know if all sixteen teams will actually play in this league?

Mun must be going for the big one this year! Bring back a few retired players?

Daddyo was impressive until he got pulled off at half time…


Every cloud


Who were they playing?

NGA’s first men’s competitive game, likely made up of lads that havnt played since school, always gonna be up against it vs a team that played together all their lives, regardless of the level. Hopefully they will get competitive as they get more games in, which is all they can ask for in their first year.


Fair play to them, wish them well

Not a score in a full match though, sounds like they were playing very defensively, but then the Mun scored 10-20, so maybe not. I’d say the forwards and the mun defence & keeper were bored to tears

Id love to know the story behind it all , are they as I suspect a bunch of lads that decided to play GAA on a whim ? with a scoreline like that its hard to imagine theres much previous playing experience in the squad
Wish them all the best but theres a danger they will become a bit of a laughing joke if they were to not improve significantly , hopefully a bit of coaching a few games experience will bring them on.

Its an LGBT team

Lads get bloody trounced?


That bit I know but it hardly tells the story of the score line

Bit more about them on there

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Anyone know where they are playing their games ?

Think they are playing all of their games away.


John Terry turning out for them?

Looks like Ballymun are favorites to win the league this year ?