AFL 11 (South) 2022

Good to see Croi and Robert Emmets back. :+1:


If that’s the same Jude’s team that won the Junior 6 championship. They’ll stroll through this league. No offence to the other teams but they are way above this level


Judes have a team in 10 and 11 South. D9 team dropped down.

They’d a panel of about 28 players the day we played them in the championship quarter final. Think they had another team on at the same time at another venue too. Serious amount of bodies

Not having a go at Judes, but this is the knock on of so many lads transferring into the club, filters down through every team

It’s not. That squad was a new entry last year. It’s made up of older lads that hadn’t played football in a few years. It’s a social team but they’re far too strong for that division.

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Surprised your Div 9 team dropped down, did they lose a few?

Did that Div 9 team not make the championship final in Junior 4 All County in 2020

I didn’t realize that. I’m surprised by that too. I wonder if that was an admin mistake. They didn’t fair well in the league last year but then they got it together for championship. I can’t understand why they‘d be dropping down.

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Could it be mix up with Portobello. Thought they were AFL10 previous to lockdown?

The leagues seem to all over the place. Our second team got promoted to Div 10 without asking. Few teams have gone down from 10 to 11 too.

They better off in 10. To be fair most of them are over 40 but keep themselves in good nick .

I’ve no idea Stato. It looks a few teams have gone up and down across the divisions though.

In the final 2020 and last year.

It’s probably a big if but if they all stay together and come back I’d say they should probably be playing up 2 or 3 divisions but I’m not sure in practice how that could have happened. It made sense last year between the age profile, lads out of the game a good few years and them struggling a little bit for numbers early on to join the bottom division. They‘ll have been promoted a level in championship.

And was supposed to be no promotion or relegation

Hopefully they’ll all have retired having won the championship…give the rest of us a chance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is it the team that won Jnr 6 Championship in 2021?

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Grand its social football, but wheres the joy in hammering everyone each week