Afl 2 2022

There’s a lot of Senior Hurlers play both codes, mostly would play football for 2nd or 3rd Team.


Yeah, see that a lot, especially at lower levels, I had just assumed Paddy would of been first team football, few times I’ve seen him he’s been well able for Senior

Not surprised he changed the game in AFL 4

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Is relegation bottom 2, or last down , then 2nd/3rd last play off?

Football is bottom 2 down and 3rd/4th last play off afaik

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Sorry , meant hurling :drooling_face:

Great win for RTL away to Crokes this evening.



Results 15/06/22

Raheny 4-09
Plunketts 1-11

Na Fianna 0-08
TSS 0-11

Whitehall 1-09
Syls 0-13

Scoil 3-12
Fins 2-15

Crokes 0-16
RT Lusk 1-19

Olafs 0-14

Boughal 2-17
Barrog 2-11

Towers C 2-12
Ravens 0-10

Syls with a 1 point win over Whitehall in the top of the table clash, Raheny in 4th also with a big win over Plunketts in 5th. Top 4 shaping up to look like Syls, Whitehall, Olafs and Raheny but Plunketts, Fins and Boughal will keep them on their toes. Still all to play for at the top


Is it 3 that go down? Annes and Barrog looking likely…will be a battle between a few others

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Personally, I’d rather see Crokes and NaF go given that they already have a team in senior division. Nice to see clubs first teams stay up!


Yeah 3 down, Barrog look gone, Annes battling to leap Na Fianna to avoid automatic relegations, Towers and Scoil in the danger zone as well

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Fins 0.11 Whitehall 5.13

Towers lusk 1-13 scoil 0-12


Ravens 2-09
Boughal 2-07

Barrog 0-12
Olafs 2-16

Annes 3-09
Crokes 1-12

RT Lusk 1-13
Scoil 0-12

Fins 0-11
Whitehall 5-13

Syls 3-18
Na Fianna 1-04

TSS 3-06
Raheny 2-10

Plunketts 2-14
Towers C 2-11


Plunketts 2-14 Round Towers Clondalkin 2-11.
Good comeback for Towers,we’re down 10 at half time


Looks like Fingallians decision to play a fly-keeper didn’t work out too well for them.

Was anyone at the Whitehall V Finn’s game last night. Where Whitehall very good or did Finn’s have an off day??

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Fins were poor, given the players missing and the bench for Whitehall Fins were poor.


Did O’Donnell play for Whitehall?

From last week. St Sylvester’s beat Whitehall Colmcille in a clash towards the top of the AFL 2 table. Sylvester’s scores listed in the report. Michael Shiel started and played well by all accounts. Sean Gannon (Lee’s brother and former Dublin minor footballer) got the goal for Whitehall.

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Olafs 0-12
Fingal Ravens 0-12

Played tonight, good point for Ravens, point lost for Olafs