Afl 5 2022

Competitive looking league this year

Wasnt that competitive last year and same teams again

Crabh Ciaran down to AFL7.

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Hopefully they get a team out. Have the capability of walking the next few leagues if they got buy in.

Surely TD should have been promoted after walking every fixture last year?

Where did the Ballyboden team come from?

TD tried I believe to get out but nobody willing to drop down which is understandable

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Towers with a 7-3 win last night over Crumlin

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Mad scoreline

What did Crumlin score? :joy:

I only got the first 10 mins score. Not sure how it finished

Converted try and a penalty


Davis 3-11 Monica’s 0-08

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Match Report on Boden page for their game against St Brendans.

High scoring game between Cuala and Towers :joy:


Some score differences

Robbie must have been up to his eyeballs marking down those scores!!

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Take your points goals will come

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Dont mind the ref writing it down imagine the poor keepers say their legs were in bits from all the kick outs :rofl::rofl:

Towers 1-4 davis 0-10

Isles and Finians finished level. 11 a piece

Good match. Fair result

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