AFL 5 North 2021

Tomorrows Fixtures

Craobh gave a walkover

Td1, 7-12 towers (c) 0-09 I think

Has football really gone to such pot in Craobh? I know hurling takes focus in Craobh but the champo is a long way off, you would expect them to have decent team out 1st round of the football league

Disappointing for Finians too

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It’s June , it’s junior and it’s Sundays

This isn’t a rarity at these levels from June to august

It’s the first game in approx 9 months during a pandemic, I’d say that’s rare enough , walk over poxy for the opposition and div 5 ain’t exactly the worst standard either

Its there first team, they hsvmt played football in 7 months, the more you comment thr more I realise you havnt a breeze

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Maybe it’s all about the championship :slightly_smiling_face:

Living up to your name there, pal. You clearly don’t care about the leagues.
(You’ve posed in the wrong thread!!!) :wink:


Any predictions for this weeks round of fixtures?

How are Monica’s doing lately?

TD and Ciarans off. Walk over given by Ciarans

Wonder what the excuse is this time , just pathetic, never a classy outfit in my experience, should just go hurling if that’s what they want and stop fookn other clubs over


Is that them gone now? 2 walkovers now.

No relegation or promotion in league this year so no real sanction I suppose.

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So they could possibly play remaining games though highly unlikely at this stage?

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craobh were senior football not a millon years ago?

Stop fucking clubs over how? They entered a competition and for one reason or another can’t get a manager or team together. They’ve been competitive in junior football for years. Clearly struggling and you clearly don’t like them but hardly pathetic.

Jaysus you’re old mate

Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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With no promotion or relegation why would anyone give a bollox

The leagues this year are just challenge games

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