AFL 5 South 2021

Olaf’s 9 - 8 Brendan’s, very low scoring game. Anybody at the game?

9-8 is high scoring for Olafs

Last time I saw Brendans play they had all bar two behind the ball the whole game so seems about right in that case :joy:

Crumlin beat Olaf’s by 3 or 4.

Any other results?

TD1 beat Cuala away 2.16 to 3.10

When league matches are finished do winners of South and North play each other or will it be just left does anyone know?

There’s a league final between the group winners of North and South

30. In 2021 each Football League competition shall consist of 16 teams to be divided into two groups of 8 teams on a North / South basis (boundary to be determined by the location of the home venues of the teams involved). Teams play the other teams in the group once. The top team in the groups shall meet in a League Final. Promotion or relegation shall not apply in 2021 league competitions


Round Tower Clondalkin’s 2nds overcoming Na Gaeil Óga 0-10 - 0-7 in Monastery Road was the featured match in the indo/herald this weekend.

Are NGO struggling lately

Work from home would be killing them I’d say, alot of their players would be back in their home counties not bothering with sky high rents in Dublin when they don’t need too

Good aul double week of fixtures, you love to see it!

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TD1 2.9 GP Morans 0.8

Crumlin beat RT by a few goals. Was a miserable evening to watch a game of football

Td1 4.12 brendens 1.08

Aul TD seem to be putting up some scores!

TD1 6-19 olafs 1-10

Crumlin beaten at home by Cuala last night.

Surprised that’s only Cuala’s 2nd W. Seemed a very good side!

Decent side and had a couple of narrow defeats. It helps when they play different day to seniors and and inters they may get players available to them who haven’t had much game time

Td1 4-20 crumlin 1-03

Td1 4-17 NGO 0-06