AFL 5 South 2021

Heard this morning that Crumlin got a W/O against Brendan’s. They were no shows. Have not heard of a team just not turning up without a phone call or anything in a long time

Finians and TD1 in the final so

Bad form- not much sportsmanship from what I hear of Brendan’s

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As we are living in a world where it is easy to make derogatory statements about others and throw around British tabloid media standard terms such as “unsportsmanlike”, it is understandable to see implicitly belittling and disappointing comments from the experts online. St Brendan’s GAA club and its members have a fine working relationship with the hardworking decent members of Crumlin GAA club. If there are mistakes made or oversights, then that is what they are. St Brendan’s GAA Club has provided facilities and assistance to Crumlin GAA club in the past and Crumlin GAA club has provided GPO support to St Brendan’s GAA club. Hopefully the bigger picture which shows the hard work of all the coaches, supported, players and officials will be the true vindication of the value of all our GAA clubs. Best of luck and stay safe.