Afl 6 2022

Ballyfermot De Salle
Civil service football
Fingal Ravens
Kilmacud Crokes
Lucan Sarsfields
St Annes
St Brigids
St Judes
St Oliver Plunketts OR
St Pats Donabate
Thomas Davis
Whitehall Colmcille

How Ballyfermot get into 6? They finished third in south side group last year in 7. Round Towers Lusk pushed up to AFL5.

I’d imagine they asked to go up after winning the Junior 2 championship. Teams seem to just just request it and they get pushed up anyway

So Ballymun and Bank of Ireland went down, Pats and Plunketts came up, and Ballyfermot replaced Round Towers Lusk? Is that it?

Wanderers have come up too i think. I don’t think they where 6 last year

*edit just checked there. They where 6 south

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Looks like it. Ballyboden promoted too to 5. Thomas Davis dropped down.

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No promotion or relegation last year so league standings wouldn’t have been a factor. If it was Iam sure a lot of teams would have approached it a bit different

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Leagues look to be gone from 14 to 16 so a reshuffle all round .

Not even January’s end and we’ve already got 2 AFL6 threads :slight_smile: :facepunch:

Heard there’s as much interest in the TV rights. Eurosport currently out in front in the bidding war I’m led to believe


Didn’t see another one when I’d set it up to honest haha


You posted in it :joy::joy::joy:

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Sure look


Innisfails O’Dwyers abandoned. Fails up by 5 at the time

A bad injury?

Fight 5 mins into stoppage time with Fails up by about 4

Ballyfermot beat plunketts by 1 . Should have been a lot more to be fair

Be interesting to see what comes from that so

Did innisfails have a game abandoned last year for fighting against James gaels if I remember correctly

Yes and were winning in injury time that day too .

I was thinking that , but I couldn’t recall if it was for a mill or an injury , but I’m certain one was blown up early