AFL 7 North 2021

Tomorrows Fixtures

Pats bet Howth by 3

Maggies beat Scoil

Is that a new Team for Pats?

No our 2nd team got promoted from div 8 in 2019. The new team is the one that’s in div 8 this year. 4 teams in total now

Ah very good, things motoring well out in Donabate so, good to see


Was out in donabate 2 weeks ago. It’s a big aul town. Fair play they’re doing well out there.

Haven’t played out there in years but hear they’ve done massive work on their pitches too? Ripe for growth with all the houses going in out that direction

Mearnog beat barrog by 6 points

Ye both pitches have been relayed in the last few years. New all weather training area last year and a gym on the way this year. Lot of new houses planned for around the grounds and I think more community sports facilities are planned as part of that. Underage numbers are huge so hopefully all points to a bright future


Any result from the Garristown Syls game?

Best sign ever out in Pats D

"Before you complain, have you volunteered " brilliant!


Pats 19. Scoil 2.6

Garristown beat Margarets well on Friday night

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Anyone got the Howth Barrog result? Dublin GAA website frustratingly slow with results this year. In some cases actually updating tables without results

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Ref no show AFAIK! No one thought to ring ahead from what I heard….

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Saw it. Loved it. Often repeat it.

A coming force I think. Great work going on - on and off the pitch.


Garristown and Mearnog drew this evening, tight game all the way through

Ref was a no show for Barrog v Pats

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I heard there were still refs in CCC2 looking for cover at 7pm tonight, seems to be a big shortage

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