Afl 8 2022

Raheny gave Pats a walkover

Glancing through the leagues this morning and amazed at how tight they all are from AFL 5 up to 8

Most leagues have a front runner or two but the race for the playoff spots has 5 or 6 teams in it , in most leagues, into the last 5 games now for most teams so should be good excitment across the leagues

Na Fianna & Castleknock look best placed for automatic promotion here then anyone from Clontarf to St Pats D will fancy a playoff spot I’d say


I heard Crokes played their senior team :rofl:


Did Castleknock beat Stars??

The poor Rosmini goalkeeper. :rofl:

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Suffering from back pain

Sounds like there’s an awful lot of confusion surrounding that result.

Speaking to a few castleknock players and apparently they thought it was a draw, whoever was on the scoreboard at the game had it down as a one point Stars win but the ref had it down as a point win for castleknock.

Castleknock 10 points to Stars 1-6 is what’s up on the website and the tables been updated as such so I’m guessing it’s settled as that now.

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Ref had score wrong at half time. Correct score at half time was 1-3 to 0-3, but ref had obviously marked a stars score down as a Castleknock score as he had 1-2 to 0-4. Was approached by both sides at half time who told him he had the wrong score but refused to change it. He had Castleknock by a point at full-time so that 2 point swing changed the result completely.


Tough on Stars, leaves them really needing to win 2 from last 3 at least to make playoffs and they have Na Fianna and Clontarf to play

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Ref had wrong result down. Castleknock and Stars both approached ref to correct it and refused to. Fair play to Castleknock for having the honesty with that game on the line.

Unfair on lads to lose a top of table game based on a mistake like that.


Bizarre stuff, I know refs tend to stick with their decision in most circumstances but would have expected with both teams saying it at half time they’d concede that they may have been wrong and put the score down as it should have been.

Are Stars able to appeal this does anyone know? Will they bother?

The only one with the right score down was the Referee. Because no matter what anyone else says it’s only his score that counts. His decision is final and can’t be appealed.

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Id say the refs incorrect score is the one that counts , fact that its the only one that matters doesnt equate to it being right


Very strange situation. Was it an ego thing by the ref to not change even when BOTH sides said it was wrong at half time (credit to both managers there). Everyone says that the ref is only human and makes mistakes…seems in this instance that the ref thought he was more than that and couldn’t be wrong. In a close game like this, it must be sickening for the losing side. Disappointing really.


Stars 6-11
Fionnbarra 1-6

Any word on Erin Go Bragh v Castleknock result?

Castleknock by around 14 points