AFL 8 North 2021

Tomorrows Fixtures


Na Fianna beat Pats D

Clontarf beat Raheny

Parnells beat Rosmini

Anyone know the last result?

The last game was a draw

Draw, 4.14 each I think :rofl:

Na Fianna - 1-7
Parnells - 0-8

Raheny - 3-7
St Finians S - 3-5

Pats D - 5-12
Clontarf - 3-10

Rosmini ??
Clann Mhuire ??

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Mhuire V rosmini game was a draw.


Pats and Parnells drew

Mhuire beat Raheny on Tuesday.

NaFianna beat Clontarf by 1 on Tuesday

Finians beat Rosmini by 3. 3.16 to 3.13 I think

Is it just the top team in each group (North and South) that play off?

There’s a league final between the group winners of North and South

30. In 2021 each Football League competition shall consist of 16 teams to be divided into two groups of 8 teams on a North / South basis (boundary to be determined by the location of the home venues of the teams involved). Teams play the other teams in the group once. The top team in the groups shall meet in a League Final. Promotion or relegation shall not apply in 2021 league competitions

Parnells gave Raheny a good trimming

Pats bet Rosmini

Na Fianna top Northside and still to be decided on South Side