AFL 9 North 2021

Tomorrows Fixtures

Trinity got a walk over

Clanns Beat Skerries - how are the scores been sent in ? Usually got a text but nothing so far .

Referees report, the automated text updates the system but the report when received is the official score recorded

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Thanks - from Ray Ray

Watched first half of Vins and CNG last night , the lack of bellies in D9 these days is shocking

Some serious football played , standard across Dublin is great to see


:confused: Even in div 10 its becoming slim line :sob::joy:


They will need to introduce over 40s leauge soon the way it’s going


Watched our Junior B lads last night, doubt there was one lad under 28 playing, good quality game too, its a young mans game these days

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I’m 37 soon and yes it sure is. I don’t want to admit but my time is running out against these young lads and sooner than later


When we were young, it was acceptable for younger, fitter lads to get clattered and busted by older, heavier opponents when they could catch you. Nowadays, when we are those older, heavier players, such behaviour is no longer tolerated.

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That’s why I had kids

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Kids are soft nowadays. Well I think they are haven’t been able to catch them :joy:


Agreed had a match last night in div 11 south and I’m fecked again

Stop the lights chopper you’re flying about the place :grimacing:

Ye don’t see me the next day man

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That not AFL 11 ? :thinking: