Afl Div 9 2022

Week one fixtures

Olafs and Cuala have to be strong favs for this league

Olafs yes. Alot of teams will take pts off each other this year. Will be closer than teams think

Olafs will walk this but second will be tough fought …

Thomas Davis dropped down to 10. Only 15 teams in league now.

Is this the Thomas Davis team that was AFL 10 last year

I’d be thinking so.

Was there really a nil all draw today…?

Yeah cagey affair neither team wanted to lose first game so draw was a fair result

I believe both teams studied the Crokes/Kilcoo game.:rofl:

Ah stop

Lol result when in as that for some reason 🤷🤷 boughal pitch was unplayable according to them

That has to be a mistake

Garda pulled out of the league already ??

Is it not unlikely that both teams pitches would have been unplayable?

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Ours was anyway. Their 1st team played on it in the morning :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

Boughal have had a number of regrades this year I expect them to be there or thereabouts.

Nope, game wasn’t played.

Pitch wasn’t in great shape after boughal’s 1st team played scoil.

Our pitch was unplayable as per the council.

Not sure if the result will stand, depending on what the ref’s report says of course

So if both teams pitches are unplayable - it is automatically a no score draw ? I.E - there is no scope for the match to be played on another date ?