Afl Div 9 2022

Have to fancy TSS for it, Olaf’s not played in weeks due to byes/walkovers and TSS coming in on a high from that win at boughal as well as playing at home.Should be a good game

We will see

Any word on how the TSS Olafs game went?

TSS won

Red card in first 10/15 mins for Olaf’s ruined the game

Great result for The Harps against Portabello to move them up to 4th place. Let to play are CGF, Vincents and a bye
I know it’s been asked but couldn’t be arsed looking it up
Is it first place up, and 2-5 playoff, or first 2 up and 3/4th play off?

First 2 up and then 3rd & 4th playoff

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Yea thought it was that. Was better when top 5 still gave you a chance, but would be harder with 3 going up, top 2 up, then 3-6 playoff, same with relegation, would mean that only 4 teams finish their league matches and be done

Disagree. This is much better and stops leagues dragging out. Well… it did when we played leagues that finished in november/December…

Also I’ve finished on a team that came 2nd and lost to the 5th place team :see_no_evil:


Yea true, would be harsh that way alright, especially if you come up against a team you hammered in the league earlier and they have improved significantly by the playoffs … :zipper_mouth_face:

Great result for TSS it’s been a long time since that Olafs team have been beaten. TSS surely favorites for the league now

TSS won well. Used the extra man brilliantly . I think it was a big score in the end but like some of the games in this years league I think it would be a tight game if played again. Congrats to TSS - fine outfit .

Lads have boden given 2 walkover already? Seen they played Monday and thought was 2 and your gone

Clontarf gave 2 walkovers in 10N too but are still playing too

According to Dublingaa results they didnt field against Olafs and Skerries. Thats if that page is correct. By that if would appear that Pats Garda and Boden should be relegated to AFL 10 next year ?

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