AFL Recruitment

More and more of the best ladies footballers heading to Oz to play AFL. Every week there seems to be another one signing up . We don’t seem to be losing too many here in Dublin however I’m hearing there’s an AFL trial camp shortly to try unearth more players . I think it’s fantastic and given the season set up they still get to come home and play some club/county , well for championship anyways.

They can’t be on a lot of money down there, can they?

Hard to imagine them earning big bucks, from the players I’ve seen going over they seem to be all signing just one season contracts .

Looks like about 8-20k
which is about 5-12k in euro so nothing special. Thought it would be more to be honest.

Would only be 2/3 sessions a week mind you but would definitely need another source of income…

i read somewhere that Cora Staunton got a double leg break in Oz. I wonder if they were waiting for ther this time round.

Most players who were there this year have signed again for next year. A number of new players going over also.

League is being extended next year with more teams and longer running time so I’d expect a few more Irish girls to sign up over coming months.

I m sure accommodation and other expenses are covered outside of the playing salary?

Niamh McEvoy and Sinead Goldrick off to aus

One of the Aussie managers said Dublin gaa is the closet thing to professional sports organization in Ireland. He s obviously aware of the FAI so but I think the IRFU might be insulted.


I wonder if Dean is planning a few trips over…tough decision but hard to turn down the opportunity…

Only for a few months to be fair and Cora was back by end of summer in her first year and back playing for the club in the championship I thought. Great opportunity for them if no kids etc to think about


He obviously doesn’t follow rugby? Leinster??

That’s the point I made . IRFU might be unimpressed. Whatever about performance on the pitch at present ,rugby seems to be a well run sport. Aussies can be ignorant of life outside of their far away land .

It’s a piss poor game rugby . When Lgfa players are getting picked up and being turned into fully fledge internationals within 12 months what’s that saying about players that have been at it for years ?
Money is being thrown at the top level . Once that stops it’s in trouble .

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I was told 3/4 weeks ago of these moves . I’m surprised it’s taken so long for a Dublin player to go . At least 2 more have been given offers . I know another 1 will go if an offer is given !

Fancy throwing out a few hints as to who they may be??

The season is only like 8 games and theres no one at them

Not like the mens game, you can go out and come back I’m pretty sure in the same year

It’s similar enough to lads getting a few quid and heading to the states for a J1


I would say most likely gone for league or some of it.

be back for leinster campaign :grin:

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