AI Qualifier Rd1, Cork v Dublin, Páirc Uí Rinn, Sat July 2nd @ 7pm

Well it’s about as tough a draw as we could have got. Would have preferred a softer one to get us back on the horse but they’re probably thinking the same. It seems we’re away (ie Pairc Ui Rinn) and that’ll make it an even more difficult assignment.

To be honest URoy, I think it’s a good draw for us as it’s an opportunity to prove that we can do what we did to them in Croker down there as well.

The last time we played them on Leeside, we qualified for a league final. Let’s think positive and get behind the lads.

Both sides will be smarting from their respective provincials defeats so there should be a backlash!


Tough enough draw away from home.

Fine by me. Get it done or time to go. If we cannot manage this Cork team then we are clearly going backwards. A must win.

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To be honest, I would be prioritising the U21s for this year. They have a real chance of doing something. I would be optimistic enough for the seniors for next year, assuming things get sorted out a bit, but for 2016 if we ended the year with a Leinster (and maybe more) double at U21 and Minor, it would be a good year.

You might but GC is hardly likely to. Wonder will Cunningham start any of the u21s forwards? There was one performance which was conspicuous last Wednesday night.

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Broadcasting wise, Sky have a slot to show either a Football or Hurling Qualifier at 7 PM on that Saturday (July 2nd). Our match is easily the pick of the games in either code (I’m taking it as read our footballers won’t need to worry about a trip to Celtic Park and I’m sure Sky will too), so my guess is that this will be their live game that evening.

I’m glad we drew a top tier team. We can either handle the hurling at the top level or we can’t. If we can’t then might as well get it over and done with early so the club championships can be played.

Hard to call the result for this one. Both teams are on poor enough form right now.

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i’m doing the ring of kerry that day… wonder if i could get to cork after it for the match…

You can bet they’re thinking exactly the same thing.

They’ll probably have to wait for the footballer to finish with Dublin before that happens.

Precisely what I said, a win v Cork could be a massive boon. Just as long as we avoided Clare the next day if we did win…

Depends a lot on which Cork team turns up (although that caveat applies equally to us). After we tanked them in Croker in the league, they hurled up a storm back at home against Kilkenny and ought to have won, throwing the game away with the concession of two late goals. Their backs were to the wall in the relegation playoff in Galway too and they pulled that out of the fire. There’s no doubt they can play on their day and we’ll be massively outnumbered in what won’t be far off a capacity crowd.

Expect to hear the usual lazy references to Pairc Ui Rinn being a tight pitch and how that might affect our running game being trotted out by what pass for expert pundits in the run up to this. All horseshit - the pitch is exactly the same size as Croker, so there’ll be no excuses on that front.

Which is surprising given it used to be a soccer pitch

AFAIK they pretty much bulldozed the place and there’s not much left of the original stadium, not that there was ever that much to it anyway.

didnt know that, assumed it was the original (because it is so strange).

Tricky one here. No matter how cork ar going they are a side who will always give us headaches with there pace in attack.

Old poster, new account. My old account seems unreachable and the email address I signed on with is long defunct. So.

The capacity of Pairc Ui Roinn is only 16, 400 with (space for 40 wheelchairs). If this match was held in Limerick of Thurles, I would expect that crowd to be exceeded, so I don’t know whether the CCB will do a deal with Limerick or Tipperary at this stage, or loose a bit of cash for home advantage.

Pairc Ui Roinn used to be Flower Lodge, home of Cork Hibernians. I was there on a few occasions, and I can assure everyone that there is not even a vestige of it left.

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Cunningham will obviously want the best he can get, but I do think there needs to be some centrally controlled direction on the use of players - applies to football / hurling etc. But that is a discussion for another day…

I thought there were two conspicuous performances last Wednesday… will be interesting.