AI SF Semi Final, Tyrone vs Kerry, 3.30pm, 28th August


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here !

Ah heor, leave it out!!

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Bang out of order banishing me and @westkerry to this thread….when there’s far more craic to be had on the Dub v Mayo one.


Everyone thinks the Red hand haven’t a hope.

I agree.

Kerry’s overtraining to hit them in the last 15 leaving Tyrone to pull 3 ahead in a low scoring game

I’d imagine Tyrone have regrets over the 2019 game.

A game they controlled for large parts

Using that as a reference point the 2 big changes for me are,

1 Kerry are better conditioned given they are a little older, Clifford brushed McNamee off him in Killarney very easily something a lot of lads wouldn’t be able to do.

2 McShane was our tormentor in 2019 absolutely cleaned us in the first half and he is not fully fit for this game.

On all given form Kerry should be winning this particularly with Tyrone not scoring many goals so far and only kicking 16 points last week.

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My disdain for the Tyrone Football team is widely known however I am willing to put all that behind me for the greater good. I will be cheering on the Red Hands, although more in hope than expectation, on Sunday. I’d be happy enough if they give them a fright. However it looks like the unstoppable juggernaut will forge on in search of redemption.


What, all Tyrone football teams, or just The Tyrone football team?

I was oft wonderding, no doubt lonely as a cloud, what was going on in this subject, given the amount of Kerry talk on the Dublin-Mayo thread. Now I realise there’s not only nothing much going on here, there’s less than nothing as West Kerry has been banned. Poor show really

Dublin will have an extra weeks prep before meeting Tyrone in the final


Good game in store

In a meaningless contest with Tyrone just starting out and missing about 20 of their squad.
But anyway, good work Daller! :wink:

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“Today’s announcement to postpone the Kerry v Tyrone semi-final is a disappointment to us all,” said Kerry GAA chairman Tim Murphy.

“We are fully aware of the many Kerry supporters who had made plans to travel to Croke Park for Sunday’s game”.

Is he having a laugh?


I saw a suggestion that Tyrone are lying as they are trying to get their players fit. Pathetic from the KOTF.


If tyrone concede a walkover there will be no need for the AIF to be pushed back so that sorts out that little conundrum for the GAA.

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That would put a huge * beside any Kerry win. :wink:


Back to the good old days of 1980 when Kerry beat Cork, Offaly and Roscommon to win the All Ireland. Three matches.


the covid rate in tyrone seems to be a bit higher than dublin so you would be hoping that our lads are well isolated and we dont get something similar. I’d imagine that “cute” Keane will have had the kerry lads on Valencia since Jan… I mean June.