AI SF Semi Final, Tyrone vs Kerry, 3.30pm, 28th August

Kerry by 12.

In their “not training” camp? :wink:

@upthedall, my compadre… I was referencing the fact that Kerry fans DON’T travel for All-Ireland semi-finals, believing it is their God-given right to be in the final, year in, year out.


Unlike Mayo who will probably 60% of the crowd on Saturday.

Always knew you were prone to the odd understatement or two.

What was the place, about which you speak, like? Did Dublin win All-Irelands?


They didn’t in fairness …

So what’s the latest on this? Would be a shame if the game cant go ahead.

After Dublin hammered Mayo….think it was Brolly who said the Tyrone v Kerry semi was just to see who finished runners up to the Dubs.

Heading down to Kerry game it felt like that.

And I think that’s why there was a bit of a subdued atmosphere in that game.

yeah a great example of my bugbear about GAA experts. At half time in that match they were predicting a mayo win because mayo were in the lead. (TBF Brolly hedged his bets). Afterwards we had that quote. Half time a few weeks later Kerry were going to win the all ireland, at full time they didnt know what to say as they’re not programmed to understand a draw.


didnt bother the GAA last year with sligo.


Gutted for Kerry in all of this.


It’d be preposterous for a team to lift Sam on the basis of winning three matches.

Unless they are the chosen people, who have history of such things


It’s very unfortunate but I’m not sure the CB are doing themselves any favours tbh.

Surely Monaghan next in line to represent Ulster in the AI semi-finals if Tyrone have to forfeit

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In the case of Dooher…

I’m near sure he was just responding to a question…and he agreed pulling out was a possibility.

But the headline reads as though he made a statement.

I just don’t think Tyrone know where they are with players or what shape they’ll be in.

No I’d say more your chairman.