AI SF Semi Final, Tyrone vs Kerry, 3.30pm, 28th August

If Tyrone do pull out….and I don’t think that’ll happen…surely they couldn’t parachute in Monaghan.

Has a team ever pulled out before in a semi final?

I suspect so, 20’s and 30’s…
Maybe not?

Yeah I read his statement in the paper.

I think that’s what Dooher was asked (if he agreed with the chairman) and had to agree.

Reckon there’s a lot of brinkmanship to get a 2 week delay instead of 6 days.

In 1883 Armagh pulled out after Spilllane’s great great grandfather accused them of playing vomit football.


V good. Reckon Brolly’s grandfather probably loved them to spite Pat’s ancestor !

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Cannot believe for one minute that Brian Dooher would engage in brinkmanship.

And in other news I remember the player Brian Dooher who suffered from fear of any contact to the extent that he collapsed on the pitch if even a soft hand was laid on his shoulder :smirk:

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As a very recently relocated Dub, I have to say it’s a pain in my hole travelling to Croke Park now. 4 hour drive up and back and I plan go as much as I can but I never realised how handy I had it!!! Wife never minded when it was ‘just down the road’ :unamused:


Well parky reckons Tyrone are faking it to get an extra week

Hope he doesn’t holiday in Sligo :joy::joy:

Well tell her that’s what she gets for nagging you to move all those years! Now you have every excuse to head away for a night, “visit the family” etc

Ive pulled out with a semi…


Interesting concept preparation, Tyrone whove been together the whole summer and preseason have a an issue due to covid and weeks are required to get them back to where they need to be, far enough
On the other hand youve guys who think Kevin Mac whos not been near a squad club or county for the summer can rock off a plane and get a taxi to Jones road show his pass and onto the bench , some superheroes obviously do not wear capes

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Ffs …. It’s only artwork …

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His pass ?
The gates would open themselves for him …


I would be quite glad to see Kevin Mc barrelling on to the hallowed ground in the second half. But as Rick Pitino said to his players when he took over at the Boston Celtics, “Larry Bird ain’t walking through that door.”


I marvell at that comment


What’s this “get a taxi” shite? SuperMac will be collected by a limo at the Airport and the red carpet will rightly be rolled out him on arrival at Croke Park, for he is the Slayer of Yerras and will be forever honoured.


Yeh. But. This is not them. And he wasn’t even really needed in 2019…

It’s about psychological effect … and the fear factor of springing the Slayer from the bench :grin:

As for not being needed in 2019, so powerful is the Slayer’s magic that it must be used sparingly, otherwise teams would concede before playing Dublin. As it is only two countries even contemplate that they may have a chance :wink:

Truly, have we reached the bloated Elvis white sequened jump-suit phase…?

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Depends on how many burgers you eat on a daily basis :wink: