AI SHC Final 2017, Galway v Waterford, Croke Park, Sunday September 3rd, 3.30pm

In 1 word, call it…



Galway’s to lose in my view .

I hope Waterford. But Galway look very good.

Would the absence of 1 or maybe 2 Gleesons make any difference?

Wait and see if anything happens with refs report first . Galway is my late fathers county, and their success in the late 80s were too late for him. His own siblings and their kids and subsequent families means there was a few cuzzins who played for the county so ordinarily I would root for them . Having worked in Waterford for 14/15 years though and got to know one or two who were involved in the management team over the years , would love to see them do it . Will do some serious digging to get a ticket . The cuzzins tell me they were hoping Cork to win yesterday. You’d have to fancy Galway , but Waterford , subject to missing players , could do it - I think they need a lot to go well for them though .

And the award for understanding the term “1 word” goes to _tl well done. :+1:

Ehh not the thread title , just the first post .

But in the interests of brevity -and to avoid all doubt , Galway .

There you go

I’m down here now on holidays and everyone is convinced they are going to win this. They are also convinced that Austin Gleeson will play - word has come down from someone “high up” in Croker that no way will he be allowed miss this one.


The same word that had Derek McGrath managing Dublin next year?

It’s a knife in the heart of the disciplinary process if he isn’t at least made to account for his actions.

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Of course, we’ll be seen as whingers if we give out about the double standards…

We all know hurling and football are viewed differently in how foul play is adjudged and rewarded!

Derek McGrath doing the sky walk in Croker???

But it’s not even that. De Burca did basically the same thing. His own teammate.

It’s a joke if it’s just left go.

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I’m interested to hear where Waterford can beat Galway. And what areas of the field will deliver victory

You know how it is, everyone is hungover and talking shiite. Nothing new there!

It’s a pity someone wouldn’t put an arm around Gleeson and tell him to stop all this hard man sh1t and concentrate on his hurling. A really fine player but still playing with the petulance of youth. He needs to grow up now and stop acting the shaper. His hurling does the talking - he doesn’t need the macho BS …

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It’s not a joke considering they let Tuohy off! The GAA are consistently inconsistent in how they apply their rules. Farcical doesn’t come close to describing it!

Adrian Tuohy ??