Aido's Diary 2019 - Stopping the Drive for Five

Well we have to be raging favourites after that one. Shamie says them Fermanagh lads should have beaten the Dubs last year - the Quigley fella hit a rocket that put Cluxton, ball and all in the net. They were very unlucky to lose by 8 points and I heard the ref gave the Dubs everything - as usual.

Mammy woke me at 8 with my favourite - boiled egg and toast soldiers. But I told her it was too early because I was tired after the match and to come back at 10 - so she did. She’s great. Shamie only got ordinary toast - he was raging.

Mammy then read the papers to me and I knew something was wrong. ‘The feckers, the feckin feckers, feck them feckin feckers’ she kept saying under her breath. Tell me says I, who is annoying ya now Mammy.

Well she says according to that Twitter machine thing you are getting fierce crissisism - I think that’s the word she said - because some fellas say you went down like a sack of spuds and no-one near ya. That you’re a cheat God forbid. Who is that feckin @dcr22B thing? Is it a bus route?

I told her to calm down they were just keyboard warriors but she went baloobas. They’re not warriors at all Aidan son - you’re a warrior! A real warrior! Then she pointed at my poster on the wall that Jumpin Jack Flash made for me - and I felt three feet tall. Awesome.

Daddy put his head round the door and said you brought the family no honour again. Well to see him duck out the door and the milk jug flying at him was priceless. I wish I had as good an aim as Mammy.

Diarmuid rang then and said the AOS blow up doll was being withdrawn because it goes down too easily. We laughed so much.

But as I said to Keith after the game, it was a ferocious challenge. My fringe was not right for hours after it. It was probably worser than the Tyrone fella last year - sure his hair was nearly destroyed for life. I heard Mickey Harte was saying the same thing in some papers. Fair play to him.

Then poor Conor came into the room a bit upset at not getting a run yesterday. He jumped on Shamie in the bed and started bating him with the pillow. There were hen feathers everywhere.

Stop! I said to him, Shamie doesn’t pick the team! Me and Cillian do. The great thing about deciding to go the back door this year is more games so I told Conor he’ll get plenty between now and winning Sam. He was moaning about going the scenic route and never leaving McHale - we’re worse than the feckin Dubs he said. Some people are only happy when they’re not happy as Mammy says.

All I can say is we are flying. I am in the form of me life and you look at who we springed from the bench - Vaughan, Doherty, Andy and Barry Moran, Alan Dillon … Jaysus things are mighty.

I’d say the Dubs are shittin it. Maybe I’ll give Trevor and Connor a ring.


Outstanding !!! :grin: :grin: :grin:

The best yet, keep them coming​:grinning::grinning:

Don’t think Mayo will be there long term tbh.

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“Shamie doesn’t pick the team! Me and Cillian do” absolutely the best line you’ve written :joy::joy:

Aido’s diary back at last :smile:

Maith an fear Dub09!

Great stuff Dub09, consider it twittersphered

“I wish I had as good an aim as Mammy.”


Nice one Dub09. Always brightens up the day

Great stuff, keep it going

Aido gettng his head around Saturday evening …

Shared thoughts soon …

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Jesus the wheels are back on the wagon now big sthyle! Sunshine in McHale on a Saturday evening with the cows milked and all - it’s mighty! There was 15,000 there but you could double that if the Bangor Erris Field Day hadn’t been on.

And we were on Sky too so I got the split ends taken out of my fringe so that Uncle Padraig in Nottingham didn’t think we were all ‘hair ignoramuses’ in Maigh Eo.

Shamie said being on Sky on Saturday nights was like playing in the Premiership. He said I could be Gary Neville but he had to be Phil. Conor was giving out that he’d have to be Tracey Neville and we all laughed - except Mammy.

'Twas great to be on Sky alright but as Paidin Beag Mac Suibhne said to Fr Mike ‘tis shag all use to anyone from Bohola to Kiltimagh with only RTE 1 and 2 so I’ll be heading to the feckin blessings of the graves in Islandeady anyways to pray for the lads that did deliver Sam.’ Sure he’s right.

I asked Daddy how did it look but he said he was watching Britain’s Got Talent because Mayo haven’t got any. Mammy said not to mind him. She’s great.

Anyhow as Kevin Mc Loughlin says Kildare are the best team in Leinster cos they’ve now won 2 Minor titles in a row and god he’s right. Sure they were promoted out of Div 3 ahead of Clare.

Meself and Cillian were delighted to give all our mates, I mean the lads, a run. A few of the U21s think they should be in the squad but sure what have they ever done?

Conor even got a few minutes and scored a point. Mammy said he was averaging a point every two minutes - she’s gas. And I can even slot in at full back if need be - how cool is that. It’s not just Dublin that can play total football.

We blew them away and their manager was with Kerry last year so as Evan pointed put that makes us better than Kerry.

It’s certainly beginning to feel like our year. I met John Joe Duffy, our ninety year old neighbour and he said it feels like '51 again. I was thrilled until Shamie said that he said that last year, and the year before, and the year before, etc.

Still we are the team to beat this year no doubt. Cillian is a bit worried about Westmeath wearing the same colours as Galway and he wants me to tell them that they can’t do that because it’s not very fair.

We all had a chat about it in the dressing room and I said don’t be worrying about that and that’s it’s not the colour of the jerseys that matters - it’s the sponsors logo. The lads all cheered and said damn right. Then Stephen popped his head round the door and said the food was ready.

I love being a Mayo player sometimes.


Maith thú Dub09, maith thú.

Someone’s gotta do summat about the gloom and doom round here dcr!

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Great stuff, did I miss a bit at the end there, is there a reference to Supermacs? Would be beautifully timed/placed if it was.
Would love to see Scowley Moran get a part next time.

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