All County Championships

With KC winning Inter - J1 & J4 Championships do they all go up to next level or stay in the same competition next year or how does it work. Likewise for any club that have teams already represented in the higher competitions ??

You can only have one team per championship. So if a team win J2 Championship but already have a team in J1 Championship they don’t get promoted

so BB & KC Inters can go into “B” Senior Championship as not same comp as “A” and move up accordingly from below

No - as far as I know due to the change a few years back that’s as far as that Kilmacud team can ever go.

In saying that, Skerries and who else go up from JFC 1 all county to Inter All County ?

They can’t go into SFC B because all the “Club” championships are for 1st teams in clubs. They stay in the top “All County” championship the IFC.

I don’t think years winning players are eligible to play next year in same competition without a regrade.

This is the top competition for 2nd teams, no matter who won it would be the same situation. Can’t remember who won it last year but they would have been in it again this year with presumably a similar bunch of players!

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The rules are set up so that they are allowed in the “All County”

It would be stupid if otherwise and totally defeat the purpose of having such championships.
Let the winning club decide on their own regrading choices and apply to the county board for approval(s).

I’m assuming that only Skerries will go up, and therefore only one club will be relegated from the intermediate all county. That may result in a second relegation play off.

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Can’t see anyone being relegated given there were only 13 teams in it this year

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It would make sense to push them up to fill up the byes.