All county junior 1 relegation play off

So basically weve been informed that our mearnogs 2nd team d7 are down to play st brigits d6 team in the relegation play off. We finished bottom with a 3pt loss to last years winner raheny and a 1 pt loss to fingallions and a draw against lucan. No problem playing a relegation game as we finished bottom, but Thomas Davis 3rd team has lost there 2 games by 79 pts and as there was a bye in there group they are not involved in a relegation play off. How does make any sense to relegate a competitive team from junior 1. Also periguins were bottom of there group and have somehow got away with any play off game. I saw that in the hurling intermediate championship it has gone to a 3 way relegation which seems a bit fairer. Has this been done before or has this been pulled out of somewhere? Weve also been told were away in Russell park for the play off game. Thanks

They need to take some drastic action one year to eradicate “bye’s” from the Champo’s. Promote as many as required, dont relegate anyone…whatever it takes. Bye’s are a scourge.


Yeah its ridiculous, there looking for competitive games but there given free passes to some teams who have clearly not competed at this level.

Surely no1 wants to see this kind of result again next year. Shocking

Agreed and if they didn’t have a bye in there, they would be in the relegation mix (as appropriate)

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Ye they should be in the mix along with periguins who finished bottom with 3 loses. Waiting for a reply from Co Board.

whatever chance you have a dragging Peregrine’s in…you are wasting your time with TD.
They can argue that they only had 2 chances to avoid bottom spot and thus was unfair on them (i know they conceded 15-47 in two games! don’t @ me)

Probably wasting your time either way

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Ye I know I’m wasting my time but its absolute farce, should be 4 bottom teams in the play off. Or the same as intermediate hurling where there is a byebits the 3 bottom teams face eachother.

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