All Ireland Club Championship

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Low key build up in the media for these games

i’ll go with :

Vincents to beat slaughtneil* by 3 with Mossy Quinn netting another goal.
Have a sneaky feeling Dr Crokes could upset the odds and beat the fancied Corofin by 1

Vincents & Corofin final I think.

Slaughtneil on a long slog all season keeping the hurling and football both running at once.

Think Diarmo will be tightly marshalled so lads like Mossy & Varley will have to do the damage.

Corofin will be too slick I think for Crokes.

Personally would love Corofin to reach the final to give Vincents a chance to exorcise the ghost of that all ireland semi defeat 2 years ago.

Winner coming from the corofin game in my view

Would think Corofin and Vincents for the final . . Vincents to win

Teams level comming up to half time

A bit worrying for vins is that mossy is a bit off with his kicking

They look slightly the better team overall but execution not great -

Slaught defending well, Vincent’s forwards not getting much joy.

Brutal match . Both teams playing 13 men defences

Ref giving very easy frees to slauthneil

How tall is Varley? Seems very short, to be left inside, all on his tobler. Won a few handy frees though. Must be the Mayo blood.

Ref giving vincents very little

They need to get it going.

Christy Mccaigue with three from play from centre back - connolly playing midfield this half



Connolly should have taken that last free not Mossy who has struggled

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Frees giving it to them.

Vincents f*cked now.

Frees awarded to them in the first half were horrendous.

Beast team won. Slaughtneil number 6 was exceptional

Vins were awful in fairness . Can’t have any complaints

Terrible game

None of Vinnies big players were never let play.

Great to see a team like Slaughneil make the final. The centre back was excellent.

That Vincent’s team is bit old now
Haven’t seen Connolly beaten in a head to head like that maybe ever . Mc kaigue was unbelievable. 4 points from play marking the best player in the country