All Ireland Club Championship

He’s in mulligans with Roy Curtis

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Bit like the town


Imagine how bad you have to be to score 0-4

Maybe reset your perspective. Imagine how well you must play to restrict a team to 0-4

Just outclassed by a far better team. No shame in that really.

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Most teams in the Dublin championship versus Crokes managed more then that

Works both ways really . I’d fancy most Dublin intermediate championship teams to score 0-4.

I was wondering watching it where they’d be in Dublin championship.

Struggle to get out of some of the groups


Won 3 in a row in Laois - no mugs. Just beat up a stick by a seriously good performance from an excellent team.


Went down to Croker for the games last night, good evening of entertainment. Thought the quality was good given the conditions, some of the scoring in the 1st half of the Ratoath game was top notch.
Thought Ratoath were a bit unlucky, a few wides and a complete brain freeze for 15mins in the 2nd half cost them. The Downs were probably physically stronger and more experienced but thought Ratoath gave a good account of themselves. The midfielder with a sweet left boot is a fabulous footballer.
Crokes are a fantastic club football team, strong all over the park with some excellent footballers. They completely controlled the game, in fact they probably over done it at times. They could have won that game by 20 if they went for the jugular. I cannot see them being beaten this year, they would have to be completely off it on the day.


Aside from a game against an Ulster team, Crokes biggest challengers this year are all in Dublin


That’s kind of the point I’m making . Na Fianna were probably the 3rd or 4th best team in Ireland this year

Portarlington wouldn’t be mapped in the Dublin championship . That doesn’t take away from Crokes last night just highlights the level the top 5/6 clubs in Dublin operate at


What are the standout games today he asked …. too lazy to look it up.

Na Piarsagh vs Ballygunner on the tg4


Qatar and Ecuador


Actually forget that. Glentoran and Cliftonville on Sky Sports :rofl:


Haha on fire Stato

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On a Sunday? Games in that league on Sundays are as rare as hen’s teeth.