All Ireland Club Championship

Not much that can be done . NFL starts at the weekend

Maybe it’s time to close this thread and let us all have time to sleep. Sweet Dreams :yum:

Agree not much can be done mainly down to the GAA’s stupid rules. Had they been able to make a decision without waiting for an objection it would probably be over by now


Be some craic if we suffered from short-term memory loss and re-debated every post again.


Remind me on that was it us or Mayo that had 16 on the field ?

Mayo did.

The point about the square ball issue is related to whether KC had an unfair advantage at the end which they clearly didn’t as even with 15 players on the pitch any score would be invalid - assuming the officials did their job which of course is not a given. It has no bearing on the technical objection apart from whether Glen should consider themselves fairly beaten on the field of play.
Any suggestion of any retrospective action relative to the square ball issue would indeed be a Moot point.


I blame Galway.


Crokes saying if there is a replay they would rather give cup back than play again.


Officially saying that? Or hearsay?

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Some shitshow

I Fully support Crokes in this

When you watch the video back you can see in graphic detail the officials made a hames of it

I sincerely hope the media outlets who used the term cheats are preparing statements to retract the same


Strong likely hood

OTBAM on the ball already in that regard.
They have gone way too far down the tabloid/clickbait route recently.

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Seemingly there’s a wedding in the offing for Glen and bit of travelling for some players ,no matter what way this goes ( eventually) pure shit show

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If Crokes offer a replay, will Glen take it, or decline, accepting they lost and have made their point?
Or will honour only be served for both now by a replay?

I would expect Glen not to accept the cup/title either.
GAA made a hames of this.


The only sensible thing to do now

Fuckin neck of them given they were the ones leading the charge