All Ireland Club Football Championship 2018/19 (Senior, Intermediate, and Junior)

Being that we are out at the provincial stage now I feel like a separate thread should be started as opposed to the Other Counties’ Championship thread.

Ulster Semi-Finals this weekend

Coleraine vs Scotstown
Ghaoth Dobhair vs Crossmaglen


Good incentive by Ulster chiefs to play this as a double header at Healy Park

A shame Coleraine vs Scotstown won’t be on tv. At least put it on youtube.

It looks the 2nd game might be moved to Enniskillen though

Why? :thinking:

Gaoth Dobhair all over Crossmaglen 3-5 to 0-5. Dara O’Baoill with all 3 green flags.

Crossmaglen fighting back. Down to 5 but the Armagh champions got a red early in the 2nd half. Still pushing up though.

Kevin Cassidy having a great second half.

Gaoth Dobhair got a fortunate 4th goal but may be out of sght now,

Omagh very busy today with the double header at Healy Park.

Listening to game on radio and O McN and KC having some game.

Glad for KC - especially when you consider how unlucky he was to miss out on an AI under Jim McG.

Game is on TG4

Naoise O’Baoill should of went for goal there

Thanks but I’m in the car.

Wife and daughter in Omagh shopping so I’m in car park listening to RTE 1.

Ps heard on Radio that no Donegal side had won an Ulster club c’ship since ‘75! Never knew that.

No problem. Just wasn’t sure if you knew that. This will be quite some win for Ghaoth Dobhair if they don’t collapse late on.

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Well it’s either shopping or listening to radio!

Read an article from Declan Bogue before the club c’ship and he had Scotstown as favourites due to their county players.

Will be some final.

What score was the Scotstown game?

1-14 - 2-10 Scotstown. Rory Beggan with the winner on 65 min

They beat Coleraine by a last minute 45 free by Beggan.

2-10 vs 1-14.

Banty reckons GD will will the final…as. a Monaghan man would say!

Also reckon the final will be in HP. St Enda’s will be making a few quid.

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Should have went

And only once too - Ballyshannon

Just hope Sky don’t narrow the pitch for the final.

Cough cough.