All Ireland Club Hurling

Who will win the All Ireland this year, how will Cuala progress. 1979 since we won Leinster

Gort St Thomas are marginal favourites ahead of Cuala with PP. They have O’Loughlin’s at 5/1 for the AI. Cuala are actually 5/4 favourites to win Leinster with Oulart and O’Loughlins at 9/4.

Not sure the competition from munster is that strong this year, the glen from cork and ballyhea both good but not outstanding teams.

Cuala 5/4 favourites though because Oulart and O’Loughlins are playing each other. If Cuala win Sunday and they play Oulart in the final, they may well stay favourites. But if it’s O’Loughlin Gaels the odds might reverse.

O loughlins are decent but not great.bergin lethal from frees from anywhere.gorta still a handfull up front.kelly blows hot and cold but brillant on a going day.kearns brothers take no prisoners in the full back line and brian hogan holds the middle.will be a hard team to beat but cuala favs for me.

The odd are mad.
St. Mullins forwards are excellent according to a Rathharney buddy.
Also, Carlow pitch gets very soft and will be a huge leveler.
Cuala will need all that resilience they showed in the Dublin Champo games to get through the next game.
Oulart have the Indian sign over Dublin teams, especially Cuala.
Rumour doing the rounds that Con O’Callaghan is going back to the Dublin footballers after the Cuala football Champo game next week.

No county football under after Christmas according to one in th know!!

Be a poor show if he didn’t at least play the Leinster final if they get there.

They must be going on holidays soon enough though, Could be that?

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Shocking behaviour if true by the county management

Cuala not good in the wintry weather, maybe their lads too used to central heating? Shock on the cards?:pensive:

You were way off there Chuck, Id love to see all Dublin hurling folk in fact all Dublin GAA folk getting behind Cuala in the Leinster Final, 37 years is too long to wait for a Leinster title,

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Speaking to some people who attended yesterday, St Mullins came out of the traps flying, had Cuala on the rack for the first 15 minutes.
Then Cuala did what Cuala do best, they strangled the life out St Mullins with savage tackling rate.
They also have probably the best 6 backs of any Leinster team, so no team is going to score much against them.
Mullins had 5 yellows and 1 red.
O’Loughlin Gaels are an excellent team with scoring forwards and guile, shouldn’t be much in it.

Its in everyone’s interests that Cuala shine some light on Dublin hurling. I’ll definite;y be heading down to this and hoping they win. Successful clubs often help spear-head the county onto bigger things

Fair point. In football, Vincents and Crokes All Ireland Success in 2008 and 2009 (after a long period of mediocrity for dublin clubs) would have helped the football winning mind set for Dublin football, We haven’t won a Hurling Leinster in many years

Corofin in 1998 is the one that springs to my mind.

So Rockshandy, what’s the news on the Cuala team?
Any injury worries?
Can they live with the OLG’s?I hear the 2 OLG corner backs don’t let anyone past:wink:

Kilkenny teams well versed in the art of “winning”

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All quiet here. Sure we will travel down anyway😉
As Bart says it’s the’art of winning’ we need to make sure we are ready for. We will be ready, if our forward unit can provide which I believe we will then we have a serious chance. Backs and keeper solid all year.


Not going to be able to make it along, is this on the box?

its on tg4 … happy days!