All Ireland Final 2021: the important poll

Who is most likely to do something stupid and lose the final for their county?

  • Morgan
  • Aido

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I’d say Aido at least Morgan can put a ball over the bar.

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At least Morgan is guaranteed to be playing. If Horan has any balls at all, Aido won’t be.


Thrust Aido to be dropped. Mayo loosing by two points with five mins to go. Aido brought on into full forward. Big diagona ball. Aido buries the ball in the net. Mayo win. It’s bound to happen. Aido goes to Hollywood.

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Aido more likely will not do anything that will win the final but after watching that game yesterday, Morgan is clearly the more likely to do both! But certainly he will do daft, poor, and very risky stuff. One thing is for sure, as WestKerry will no doubt attest ( :wink: ) both are most definitely box office


The poll was 50/50 (19 votes each) before I voted.

Can we vote for both of them😀

There is no way O’Sé doesn’t start now that it’s Tyrone. There would be murder in the camp I’d say.

Agreed, Horan would need to move country after, if they leave this behind i give up

Thought Aido would be miles ahead!

Just based off the importance of either lads position it has to be Morgan.

O’Shea can be replaced mid match or even made a sub but only Mayo are mad enough to change keeper before a final. So Morgan is guaranteed to start.

Aidan might be playing shite but there’s less risk involved in his position and he doesn’t kick frees and I doubt will be calling any marks. Morgan will try those long kicks time and time again which could be costly if they don’t al go over. Not to mention the fly goalie thing.

and if it doesn’t happen aido’ll be goin to hollyhead