All Ireland Final 2023 Dublin v. Kerry 30th July 3.30pm

Ladies and gentlemen, start yisser engines!

The greatest team ever v KOTF!


El Classico can’t wait …… bring it on :tshirt::+1:t2:


What a final we have, 50/50 game

Let me be the 1st to welcome all the Kerry lurkers to our community. Buckle up lads…we are in for a feisty couple of weeks!


50/50 game, Kerry have plenty of players who can hurt you, but they aren’t overly adpatable. They set up expecting a Derry blanket, took them til half time (and the introduction of O’Brien) to rectify their game plan.

Heavily reliant on Clifford, who wouldn’t be tbf, so Dublin need to go after the support cast hard, Clifford might get the 10 points or whatever, but keep the others quiet and Kerry don’t have enough

We’ll need Con, Mannion, Basquel et al to have their best games of the year and we need Fenton to dominate the middle, Barry has traditionally done very well on him, hard one to call, but based off this weekend, Dublin the slightest of favorites for me


It’ll be the usual shite then…


The trick for the kerry visitors is to hold out for as long as possible before giving in to temptation and revealing their true thoughts and getting banned. Not many can do it, some even blow it with their name choice.


Ballyhisballsbythefireside is apparently in a Buddhist Asylum since the 5 in a row defeat.


Beating them in the final would be the sweetest of all victories, but of course loving to them in the final would be the bitterest of all defeats. Set up for a heart attack either way.


I cannot see us losing this final. I also cannot give you a reason why that is.


Derry showed that you essentially negate Morley with a hard running game, unfortunate for them that they only have McKinless and Rodgers who are very good at it and they just ran out of steam.

Dublin can get serious joy from McCarthy, Murchan, Gannon, Bugler, Con and McCaffrey running at the defence.


Let it never be forgotten that we did the five in a row against the KOTF. The sweetest ever victory.

Even if we win in two weeks, the usual Kerry media ghouls will be trying to play down the supremacy of Cluxton, McCarthy and Fitzsimons.

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Losing is never nice but we did the 5 in a row and we’ll always have that! I saw Dessie said that there’s around 20 lads who either were away or injured or not involved in our previous wins that this wil be their 1st final. A great blend of new and old

They suffer badly with premature e- jack :wink::rofl:


Still, only Gannon from our starting 15 hasn’t won three plus All Irelands . The 20 he mentioned must be from an old notebook

Bring it on. I just have to get through the next two weeks. No doubt the eulogising over clifford will have a profound effect on climate change with the usual suspects overheating to state why the greatest ever is the greatest ever.

Dublin will have to be in top form. I’d love to see basquel do another mayo performance with his brother in arms con running amok.

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I swear he only said it the other day. Must try root it out

Thought Kerry goalkeeper could have been booked or sent off that jump into Derry player, n he went on to score a point.

Dubs should start media propaganda, on nearly all frees, Clifford steals 5+, maybe 7-10 yds in towards centre. Watch it back, n watch where foul is and from where he actually kicks the free from. Daylight robbery.

Marginal gains :point_up:

Would be sweetest of all to to take them down this year ….n of course 3 lads move to 9 SFC winners medals.



Considering who got the quarter and semi finals, I’m guessing it will be either Gough or Lane for the final. I hope it is not Lane.


Kerry looked a bit susceptible to Derry running down the throat of their defence. Looked a bit more like the pre O’Connor/Tally set up. They will no doubt seek for a big improvement here in two weeks time. But they can certainly be got at.