All Ireland Final Tickets Thread

The money for the season tickets was supposed to go out of the account yesterday. It didnt.
I was on to the Gaa this morning in a panic but they say their systems were down yesterday and that the money would go today instead. Check the available funds !!!:sweat_smile:

This guy screwed me over, but nothing compared to some of the people in the thread linked below. The amount of heartache he caused, especially to kids who thought their dreams of getting to certain gigs or matches were coming true. Are there many on here who got burned by Falcon? The stories from some of the people he shafted on toutless are awful.

is this the poster of that name who used to post on the old site?

i never knew any of this.

That’s him, hence the pictures above (or any time tickets are mentioned around here!)

Careful what you say lads, it’s ongoing legal proceedings at the moment

yes i’ve seen that.

What a Bollo!

Just had a read through that thread , look at the aliases he was using

Names used on the mail he sent me where Alan bergin. James loughrey.
Barry Keating

Few gaelic heads in there :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

maybe i wasnt paying any attention, but i always thought he was just a regular poster, i dont remember him being ticket specific so to speak. anyway, i will be extra vigilant.

Holy shit. I just read the link posted on toutless, I can’t believe that. I saw Rochey and a few lads post pics of the bird on the Kerry match forum, and assumed maybe two Ressers had a misunderstanding about tickets. I cant believe how big a scam this was and how orchestrated it was.
I wonder was the depression story somehow part of this scam. I can’t believe I Pmd this fucker to wish him all the best with illness

I was also pming him on regular basis because of something similar , it was all a load of bollix . He also offered me tickets as well but I didn’t go any further with it . Dispicable to prey on peoples feelings the way he did .

Jesus lads, just read the thread on toutless link. He was a regular poster on old Res site…You can never be too careful…

Have 3 Premium tickets for the hurling on Sunday if anyone knows anyone who wants to swap for the football.

Will I bother with the bird of prey pic??


This one - its your round

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lads noticed on twitter that the downs club in mullingar had tweeted every known mayo group about their draw with tickets as a prize. They seemed to have overlooked what province they’re in, not to mention that I’d say a lot of dubs live there in commuterland.

be delicious ironing if a dub won it.

Autocorrect or Simpsons reference?

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I’ve two Roscommon cousins looking for seven tickets between them , madness of the highest order , wouldn’t be surprised if they entered every draw going :cold_sweat::scream::cold_sweat::scream:

Pressed into action.

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