All Ireland Final Tickets Thread

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A pair of tickets going for 12K on Ebay. 72 Bids

Fake bids?

Couldn’t tell ye.

All tickets should have names on them. I think they will be bringing something like that in in the future.

South American source? … :smiling_imp:

Surely tickets are not our there yet?

My tickets for Nally for hurling had names on them, with explicit rules about reselling above face value printed on the back…

I’m bringing my hurling ticket with me for the football so I can check if anything I am offered if it comes to that is the real thing. Im such a dope I’d be a prime scam target.

Is your name Liam McCarthy …


For the last couple of times they have been fairly non descript( tickets ) . If it has a name on it I’d say it’s genuine , would be a season ticket .

To answer me own question…yes.

Does all that mean my genuine €10k bid is scuppered?

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While I am completely anti-tout the comment at the end about fans who are at every match being the ones scrambling for tickets is total nonsense bearing in mind there are not one but two season ticket options available.


That seems to have been forgotten every year since '11 . Is there still a waiting list for the season ticket ?

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Agreed. The Parnell Pass and the GAA season ticket make the common suggestion of getting a final ticket if you show a load of ticket stubs seem laughable.

I’m not sure. It was open earlier this year so I’m going to say no waiting list as such.

For 2011, 2013,and last year I do not know of a single person who wanted to be there who didn’t get a ticket. And that includes a neighbour’s family of six, all of whom were at all three despite not getting a single ticket bar one in 2013 from the club lottery.

The GAA have got to look at this Corporate package lark. Offering tickets for a grand because there is a wine and cocktail sausage reception with them is worse than the tout outside Quinn’s looking for €150. It is scalping.

Big companies and corporates will buy these packages and write them off to tax etc - making it a victimless issue in a sense. That is the root of the Rio issue and just because some company is offering a ‘corporate package’ doesn’t make it right.

At least if GAA clubs are doing it for fund raising the money stays in the association but there is a fair amount too going to line the pockets of these corporate touts.

Aren’t most of the corporate packages for premium level seats and not normal hill or stand seats.

I know Friends of Dublin Football were doing this for the hurling final…wonder if they will do the same for the football.

You saying not one of them went to a game in those years except for the final ? This is the shit that annoys me . I have no affiliation with a club as I don’t live there and don’t have the luxury of asking my mate can he sort me out because it invariably comes down to looking after your own first which I can understand . That’s why I had to get the season ticket in '12 because I was pissed off with the situation but at least I did something about it . I didn’t know there was a season ticket in '11 but I made it to 9 games that year yet couldn’t source a ticket . I’d two mates who had not set foot in Croker in '11 who got tickets :japanese_ogre:.
At this stage I can’t understand why people don’t get the PP . If its a money issue , that’s fine . If not , they have no excuses , I learned that the hard way.
P.S. if someone is traveling from abroad looking for a ticket I don’t mind as at least they have a reason why they haven’t been to games .

Not what he’s saying at all … but you still had to go off on one! :joy::joy::joy: