All Ireland Football Championship 2018 - front door, back door, and the rest

The draw for the first stage of the back door:

Derry v Kildare

Meath v Tyrone

Louth v London

Wicklow v Cavan

Offaly v Antrim

Mayo v Limerick

Westmeath v Armagh

Wexford v Waterford

The first team drawn in each tie will have home advantage except where a Division 3 or 4 team from the current year’s Allianz league was drawn against a Division 1 or 2 team. The Division 3 or 4 team will play at home.

The match venues and times will be confirmed by the CCCC on Tuesday afternoon with the fixtures scheduled for weekend of June 9th/10th.

All matches will be required to finish on the day under the new Championship protocols.

Derry v Kildare (home advantage means Ewan will be put out of misery early this year)

Meath v Tyrone (Tyrone)

Louth v London (London have home advantage but Louth should get it togeather)

Wicklow v Cavan (Cavan)

Offaly v Antrim (Go with Offaly due to home fixture might be a kick in them after getting rid of manager)

Mayo v Limerick ( Limerick at home, whisper it quietly perfect draw for them, Mayo mayo struggle)

Westmeath v Armagh (westmeath)

Wexford v Waterford (Wexico)

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Handy one for Tyrone … unfortunately

They’re away to Limerick

(Not that it probably makes much difference to the eventual outcome)

Looking at some of the abuse kildare players are getting -most of who have to go to work today - cant blame alot of them saying 'do i really need this hassle in my life '?


Applies for every inter county player, no way they deserve abuse of any kind.


You put 15-20 hours a week into training and get a hiding or beaten by Longford and some gobshite in a pub in Navan who never played club football thinks he owns you. Unacceptable.

But Meath GAA people need to have a long hard look at themselves … The numbers are there - no reason to be as shockingly bad as they are.

Mayo have to be happy enough with that draw. Avoiding Tyrone was the big plus

As handy as you can get. When it comes to handy draws if yis fell in a bucket of shite you would come out with a number 1 hit single! :sunglasses: You should be sending Christmas cards to Gooch now.

As lucky as the opposition Ye have to face in Leinster dude :wink:

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What can I say the provincials are flawed.

Probably one of the biggest factors working against us in the championship is the lack of tougher games at provincial level. Nothing lucky about it.

Lucky is getting a Div 4 bottom dweller in the next round. A team hammered by Leitrim in the League, and drew with London.

Even luckier is that youse don’t have to play it in McFail park (Sorry Mayoman, it was too good to pass up).

What will be interesting to see is if Rochford breaks form and rotates more than 2 or 3 players out for this one. Some of the lads badly need game time if they are to prove their worth. He is notorious for sticking with a squad, even when he doesn’t have to.

He will stick with his favorites. Rochford is in last chance saloon now

He is not so much in it as out the back having a smoke …


He’s been there since he started Hennelly in the AIF. He’s moved on to the “does-anyone-have-Horan’s-mobile-number” Saloon. They’ve gone backwards under him.

But did get closer to winning Sam than Horan did

Both have lost 2 finals…hope I am wrong but this year is the first I feel it’s only a matter of time before we are knocked out.
Never seen so many Mayo people down on our chances. The feeling being “our goose is cooked” or “we have missed the boat” with this particular team.

2013 was the year Mayo should have won. After that, they were always damaged good in a final. But yes, it was Horan’s failure that cost them that year.

In 2012, if Kev Keane hadn’t dropped the ball for the jammy 2nd goal, things would have been different.

Actually don’t believe they should have won in 2013 or any of the games we’ve won. They weren’t good enough. Simple as!

Have no time for this Mayo sympathy lark. That and let’s gove the poor Nayo lads 5/6 all stars and the POTY. Sure aren’t they a great bunch for keepin on tryin :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I don’t subscribe to the notion of “poor Mayo” in the slightest.

However, they have put us to the pin of our collars in almost every championship game we’ve played together over the last five years. Of all the crazy topsy-turvy things that have happened in these games, the biggest let off we’ve had, was in the last 10 minutes of 2013. It was 15 v 13, and if the Mayo sideline had reacted, they would have been able to press that advantage, and would surely have won. But they didn’t. Of all the madness we have seen in our games, that was our biggest let off, IMHO. YMMV.

That was the day we gave Mayo an even bigger complex then they had already. It broke them.

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