All Ireland Football Championship 2022

I think Louth are pretty decent value at the moment and are only that long in odds because they got beaten comprehensively by Kildare. Cork are still a mystery for me at the moment.

These are pretty much must win games for Kieran McGeeney and Andy McEntee if they want to keep their jobs.

Would put James Horan in the same boat pretty much as well but I do think we will get a big Mayo performance versus Monaghan. They won’t want to lose for a 2nd time this championship in Castlebar either.

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In fairness it could just have easy thrown up Mayo V Meath, Tyrone V Louth and will possibly throw up some very unblanced 2 round ties and quarter finals. I am not against the Tailteann cup and hope it works, but you are kidding yourself if you think the turkey shoots are over . Personally I would have preferred to see all four of Mayo, Monaghan, Tyrone and Armagh with a chance of progressing as it would mean we could possibly have the best 8 in the last 8, that is not going to happen this year.

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They’ll get better games then playing Waterford and Wexford

You’re surely not going to dispute that

Not disputing that at all, just saying consequence of the draw, we are going to have some very poor counties in later rounds.

But none in the quarter finals most likely

The other system we’d have two extra rounds of nothing really

I would not be sure about that, given that 2 of Tyrone, Mayo, Monaghan and Armagh are not going to be there it means that the top 8 most definitely won’t be in the quarters.

But that’s largely thanks to the provincial structure

If we didn’t have that we wouldn’t have that limitation

I think there’s an argument based on their championship results that Armagh are not a top 8 team anyway. I know they finished 3rd in the League but the Championship is a different animal.

Possibly, but the real issue is a lack of competitve counties, most notably those that have the resources, but are failing miserably. Leinster should be an extremely competive province.

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Even if Meath win the All Ireland this year McEntee will walk. I’d say he has a pain in his hoop with the last couple of years.

But your back into seeding teams then and that only ever favours the strongest in any sport.


No, what meant was I would have preferred if the draw had kept them apart, whereas LJ was happy with the draw.

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i think its a very good draw with some interestin games, fairly well balanced out

If our injury list is accurate then I wouldn’t be rushing to any bookies to back Mayo.

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As in the round of qualifiers it is probably close to best you could have, but in the bigger picture of the competition as a whole it isn’t IMHO.

But it’s bound to be a little more balanced with Div 3 & 4 teams not included. The teams in two of the matches would probably come through if kept apart but when you’re in the back door that’s down to yourself

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The problem is some of the Div 2 teams are muck aswell. Are Meath better than Cavan for example?. It is not that I am against the changes, just don’t see where it really improves things, I know LJ will problem say better than watching us beating Waterford etc out the gate, but that is not where the problem lies in my opinion, the problem is beating the likes of Meath, Kildare, Cork out the gate and that is still going to happen

Haven’t beaten Kildare yet


I am not talking about a particular game, just a general trend in recent years., look at both Meath and Cork’s champo result this year are they any bettter than some Div 3 or 4 sides results. Yes Cork held onto Kerry for 60 minutes but in the end they got beaten by 12 points

I think I’ll have a wee underdog accumulator there. About 80/1

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Cavan we’re very competitive against a division 1 side. Multiple times

I think we can complain about a lot but that qualifier draw isn’t one of them

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