All Ireland Football Championship 2022

What is?

Does Bernard think he’s funny or something?

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Inter county players think differently when it comes to club .


there’s a culture in football here of sneaky late hits, especially from the blind side when players are prone. it’s got nothing to do with physicality which everyone (except CP seemingly) loves to see in the game. cowardly shit that has a remarkable level of acceptance even from refs- “give him a yellow and get on with it.” the longford clown with cluxton a couple of yeras ago and morgan on paddy andrews comes to mind. numerous incidents with colm cooper down the years, galvin too and of course diarmo. i’m sure every county could give loads of examples but as said above, a lot of it would be dealt with by the guards if it happened off a field.

you’d be amazed what can he reclassified from a felony to a misdemeanour over there, with their legal tradition of plea deals. i could’t count on 2 hands the number of people i know over there that were “definitely going down” but not one of them did. the usual pattern is a long, long, drawn out process of posponements and re-scheduling so that fees can be maximised for everyone in the system. that is your punishment, 10s of 1000s of dollars instead of the time you don’t actually get a lot of the time.

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I think Jack is zoning in on the word career. I don’t think the lad means it as an earning job career but a word to describe his time as a senior club and inter County player.

Of course he is which is why Jack ignored my ask.

I thought it was an educational move

And that someone precludes it from being an ‘educational move’.

Yeah i hear you. Lot of them are isolated incidents though (not condoning obviously) and of course you’re referring to the IC game. My musing was more on the club game. Can only speak for Dublin obviously. Now obviously there’s a few teams out there who’ll never change, but the majority just want to play ball. Far more athletic corner backs than the hatchet men I and many others would have come across back in the day !


Interesting though that’s how he referred to it

Klopp needs a midfielder

Sure if you ran up and pinged someone a shoulder off the pitch you could say the same. Some things happen in the context of a game that of course would look different off the pitch.

i’m talking about trying to seriously injure someone and then hide it in the flow of the game or rely on the umpires to say nothing. without any attempt to play within the rules. like mc gee trying to break the fingers on the hand of a kerry player, a west meath player trying to break connolly’s arm by bending it up behind his back or a mayo player pole-axing jonny coops out of play as he collects the ball from the net after dublin concede a goal. conor gormley and co gouging the eye out of colm cooper. a mayo player knocking the same player out with an intentional shoulder to the jaw. or indeed the longford clown breaking ckuxton’s ribs and puncturing his lung with an intentional late charge. you know the ones. no place in sport. they’re very common and very commonly ignored. wrongly in my opinion.

The same people who say Philly didn’t gouge KD because the footage / photos aren’t conclusive enough….are the same who say the Gooch was gouged without a single photo in existence.

At least be consistent.


he was targeted by tyrone defenders in that game, as he was in other finals by mayo defenders for example and possibly by dublin players too. harder to see it that way as a tyrone man i understand but that’s how it looked to me as a neutral. the mayo final of either 2004 or 2006 i was at and saw it happening right in front of me so i don’t need replays. a huge conversation but i just wish even an attempt was made to ref the game so that cheating and foul play doesn’t reap such an obvious reward.

fógra: philly did eye gouge donaghy and eoghan o’gara got away with it twice that i can recall.

Talking of refereeing , watching hurling on TG4 & the ref is on mic.

Good idea or not?

very obviously needed. what chance do i think it has of happening in men’s senior inter-county football? zero.

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The Mayo defenders didn’t do a good enough job on him, he beat them on his own in 2 finals didnt he :smile:

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Which 5 clubs have had players on the starting 15 on 8 All-Ireland winning teams since 1996?
And name the players (don’t need to name all the players representing those clubs in that time, just enough to cover 8 years)?

Is it scór season already?