All Ireland Football Championship 2022

Carnacon - Cora Staunton.

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Not like us townies in Castlebar, we even knocked down the castle in the name of our town.

Owen Farrell far worse than Sexton.

POM a gentleman by comparison


a massive congrats to the galway lads. shining a light on the path ahead for all true gaels

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shure it’s all dublins fault

What our forefathers always imagined the GAA would be.

Shame on those who have allowed this to happen.

And it looks like it’ll only get worse

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I’m no fan our our neighbours but in fairness I have to defend them on this one, they did have two teams that reached the business end of the championship. The costs of running a team are very high and with the rising cost of the logistics side of things (fuel, Hotels etc) it’s only natural these costs would rise even further.


Storm in a teacup. €2m in prep for a couple of teams. The real issue is Dublin spending thousands of euros coaching youngsters. That’s the real scandal.


Nah, Lee Keegan’s fault! :laughing:


Them lads must not have real jobs and get their meals delivered

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Dublin had 4 teams in finals one year and I can’t remember much sympathy about the costs, only hysteria about the spend

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not just ipads, feckin x-boxes n’all…

you’re into that “world’s against us” lark again that LJ hates. joanne and the gang will be just as forensic with the corrib finances.


Dublins spend wouldn’t be as big as a team down the country? Logistics wise anyway. I’ve never complained or followed the narrative around “Dublins advantages” but one area where there is an advantage is not having to fork out for hotels and transport in peak tourist season to Dublin.


the money thing is a load of shite i think. it’s amazing the way you can’t ever get a definite answer to a simple question, spend per head? it can’t be that hard to get a ballparker. all the players living and working in dublin is a serious advantage. as is staying in your own gaff the night before games. being the capital and in love with all things anglo is not.

Be thankful the matches aren’t held in Kerry during peak season

Half of yisser supporters live in & around Dublin. The rest mostly stay over with them or friends.

Judging by the moolah lashed out by thousands of Mayo supporters from the US, Canada & 'Stralia around Camden St on the many All Ire final weekends, they’re not short of a bob

Not sure what the finances of fans have to do with county finances…?


Things evolve Alan, the costs of doing everything has gone up, is it crime that players stay in a hotel when they come to Dublin for a game or get meals after training or lads living in Dublin get expenses to go home to train or play. The article says the county board are running at a profit, it is not as if they risking going bankrupt

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