All Ireland Football Final 2021, Mayo v Tyrone, Croke Park, Saturday Sep 11, 5pm

Feels weird posting this thread without us there but a very novel final pairing.

@mayoman @greenred v @upthedall

70 years v 13 years

Who will end their famine?

I’m really looking forward to it (it must be said) :joy:


But there was no malice in it ! :crazy_face:


Maybe I’ll feel different in a week.

But I honestly wouldn’t be gutted if Mayo won.

There’s no rivalry or history.

And if there’s such a thing as a team ‘deserving’ an AI…it’s 100% Mayo.

Right now the county is on a high. Y’day felt like an AI. It’ll be a few days before the final comes into focus.


Yeah, there’s eff all bad blood between yiz to get everyone all riled up, or play silly buggers in the meeja during the build up. Dunno what everyones gonna talk about for 2 weeks. The match itself for once? That’ll be weird !

I have always had great time for teams from the north. They’ve had to fight for the right to play our native games. I’ve loved seeing Tyrone beat Kerry in the 2000s but hated Mickey Harte’s negative shite, since. He should have gone years ago and he most certainly held Tyrone back. I’m up for Mayo because of the heartbreak they have suffered time and time again. However I believe that Tyrone have better forwards and possibly a better bench. I hope they both go for it, from the start.


That’s simply……. Tickets Tickets Tickets :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

I can watch it now, wouldnt have been interested if Kerry were playing, ill support our Mayo ressers in this one😀

I like this Tyrone team. They’re honest and hard working and don’t seem to indulge in the stuff I used to hate. I’m looking forward to a novel final and expect it to be open and hard hitting. While I’m not hugely pushed who wins
I’m siding with Tyrone as a lot of what has come out of Mayo for the last two weeks has been nasty, mean and untrue.


Not really looking forward to the game as a spectacle TBH. But I’m sure it will be tense

Cagey first half as both teams hold back , teams will go for it in third quarter and one team will get cynical with tine wasting antics trying to defend a lead near the end .

Lucky for you yer playing Mayo so. Leroy Keegan will sort you out there.


V good. Just got that !

Hoping for a mayo victory. Theres a palpable nervous tension all week last week in mayo.

I’m leaning towards Tyrone now. I hope you win but equally I would not begrudge Mayo a win.

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Mayo win our second Hurling (Camogie)
All-Ireland Final in just a few weeks. Mayo beat Tyrone again, hopefully this is a trend.

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Sure we are all just delighted for yis here on Dublin Res dubs! :sunglasses:

Think Tyrone s name is on the cup. Things swinging their way. Clifford going off yesterday for eg. Not fussed who wins it but if I had to place money Tyrone.


The short turn around should suit them. I think if Morgan can calm down a bit they will be brining Sam back to Ulster.

Morgan could lose it for them but equally, Aido could lose if for ye! If I was a betting man, I’d be putting a few bob on a draw!

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I think Tyrone need a lot more up front . Ok McKenna got two goals but he’s hardly scored a point in all his championship matches thus far . Dependent on McCurry and defenders for a lot of scores

One saving grace is mcshane looks to be on form which would be needed .

8.5 - 1 when I looked.

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