All Ireland Football Final 2021, Mayo v Tyrone, Croke Park, Saturday Sep 11, 5pm

On the referee, is Gough not on a sabbatical because of Covid? I don’t recall him officiating any games this year

I reckon it will be McColdrick.

Methinks Lane.

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Wummer :grinning:

I would have thought they wouldn’t use semi final referees again.

Thing is they probably can’t use an Ulster ref so that means the likes of Cassidy and Branagan would miss out

He will do a great job. For Mayo.

Mark my words, he’s the guy to be named. Got a DM from BallyNotTheMun confirming as such.

Deegan or Gough

if its himself its mayos all Ireland

It’s Kelly

I would have Jimmy Turner ahead of Deegan.


I would have Tina Turner ahead of Deegan.

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He did the Ulster final. At the start of covid he said he was taking a break but he was clearly missing the limelight. :grin:

We had Leinster and Munster refs for the 2019 finals . Though I agree it’s better for a different province to provide the ref.

be great to see a dub ref it

Will the All Ireland final attendance be increased now?

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Nobody deserves a Football All Ireland … It’s Earned

Wicklow deserve an AI
Sligo deserve an AI
Leitrim deserve an AI
Carlow deserve an AI
Antrim deserve an AI
Fermanagh deserve an AI
Louth deserve an AI
Kildare deserve a kick in the hole
Waterford deserve an AI
Tipperary deserve an AI
West Mordor deserve an AI
Kilkenny deserve an AI


Kilkenny don’t deserve one in football!:wink:


Yeah but most of those counties will never win one .

You’re either a football or hurling county . Nigh on impossible to be very competitive at both these days