All Ireland Football Final 2021, Mayo v Tyrone, Croke Park, Saturday Sep 11, 5pm

It should be but if the semi is anything to go by it wont. Have you got a ticket?

The GAA has never really had an honest discussion about either aspect of that post!

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Pretty much the same in any sport, how many countries will win a soccer or rugger WC.

Very difficult to win a soccer World Cup with the amount of countries that play it

This is an indigenous sport played in one country only … all under the one organisation…

The point is the same handful always win the wc. If Mayo manage to pull it off, it will be 8 different winners this century, not sure that has happened in many sports ,clearly there are a lot that don’t have a chance, but 25% of counties winning at least one over 21 years is not bad, especially given that we won 8 in the last 10 years


Hopefully. Then a draw and a full house for the replay. Sure one can dream.

Having finally got to watch the Kerry v Tyrone game I’m still not any wiser as to who should be favorites for the All Ireland

Tyrone mix the sublime with the ridiculous too often to be a sure thing and Mayo are blowing hot and cold, if they give Tyrone a 7 or 8 point lead they won’t reel them back in

Tyrone got their fair share of luck beating Kerry, mainly down to Kerry mistakes but you have to admire their workrate, tackle intensity and they do have shooters all over the pitch

Mayo are Mayo, never beaten, always at your heels and the fittest team in the Country

The game could actually turn on a mad decision by Morgan or a poor outing from Aido. The former is more likely in my view so I think I’ll lean towards Mayo…


A peculiar list.
Tipp had four in the bag a century ago.
Wexford won four in a row.
No sign of Clare and then there’s Longfrd

Yes I’ll be on hill 16


It probably needs a thread of it’s own, but imho, the GAA needs to look honestly at getting rid of the meaningless provincials and sorting out the intercounty structures.


Go away with your draws :see_no_evil:

the hill won’t be open

Yes it will?

This year should be an eye opener for the GAA, Tyrone and Mayo making the final is not a freak like Tipp and Cavan in the semis last year, it is down to hard work, good organization and good use of resources. Pressure needs to be put on those counties with similar resources, they simply have no excuse and it is not just Kildare or Meath, other counties like Wicklow or Louth tend to get a free ride due to lack of recent tradition, but they have the population and the resources at hand too

Wicklow and Louth need a coherent plan in conjunction with the GAA to get competitive

I do shake my head at the GAA who think teams magically get competitive from a very low base on their own …

Needs its own thread

Monaghan availed of having the bulk of DCU GAA scholarships for a period of time .

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I am not in favour or against the provincials, but at the moment I don’t see them as being the problem, for me the problem is counties with both population and resources under performing and those counties are in all provinces,

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no, I’m sorry its Dublin only and their not gettin in

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Why do you think that is? Does the GAA Central Council have a role?

There needs to be a Tiered system similar to the Hurling.


It’s multi faceted and not something money alone can fix. Do Mayo produce good quality soccer players? Louth for a small county have, but soccer is strong there. Tradition doesn’t guarantee victory but with good structures it does allow you to compete.

Other counties have less of an excuse, Meath and Kildare being two, but for others it isn’t an easy fix.