All Ireland Football Quarter Finals 2017

So it looks like down or Armagh, sorry if posted or worked out already, can’t see either giving us much issue at the moment,

you reckon Down will beat Monaghan a 2nd time… can Monaghan be as bad again as they were in Carlow

Monaghan have been poor so far in the championship, somehow I don’t think they have been holding back to peak in august, Must be disappointing as they had some good results in the league

and perhaps thats the problem with countirs with a thinner / lighter panel, very hard to have a good D1 campaign and still be fresh come championship… There are likely to be 30 championship standard footballers in both kerry and Dublin most years, unlikley to be 20 in Monaghan or any other county with similar playing population. MCCarron looks a busted flush in championship but Conor McCarthy pushing hard to be a starting forward the next day

Monaghan on the road a long time now too and always take the league seriously. Lot of mileage in the legs of the likes of the Wylies, Hughes’s, McManus, Walshe, Kelly, McAdam, Corey and Mone.

So I think we’re confirmed to play on Saturday August 5th, the weekend of the bank holiday

Monaghan will pick up alot I feel, they have had an easier summer so far than any of the last few years. I think they have targetted league and later summer.

Correct. A double header in Croke Park with Tyrone at 5pm & 7pm by the looks of it.

If it is Down and Armagh come through, then I think we automatically get Armagh as Tyrone and Down have already played. I don’t think they allow repeat pairings in provincial finals and AI quarter finals.

I would fancy Kildare to beat Armagh though (handily I think actually), if that is the case we can’t play them again.

I thought Monaghan were good against us in the League but haven’t seen anything threatening from them in the Champo, I think it will be a close competitive game but I reckon Down will pip it

We could conceivably get Kildare again in the All Ireland semis … wouldn’t rule that out at all at all …

Yeah that’s it, they’ll keep us away from Kildare and Tyrone away from Down, Tyrone are looking decent, they’ll dispose of whoever they get fairly handy as well I’d say

Be interesting to see what’s happens on the other end of the Quarters too, if the Rossi’s get the right draw could we see them in a Semi? Never would of called that at the start of the year,

That means they’d beat Armagh and Tyrone, couldn’t se that happening at all at all at all, but ye never know

Remember where you heard it first Christo! :wink:

It’s funny (not in a ha ha way) the way all the Ulster teams (bar Donegal) ended up in the one half

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I heard they are listed for 4pm and 6pm. Hurling semifinal on the next day need to get the place ready.

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They are still dangerous . They have enough good players on their day to give anyone their full of it
They wouldn’t be the first team to scratch through the playoffs and find themselves in Croke Park

Which is where their real problems usually start!! :grin:

could be one last sting in the tail for them , deffo dangerous on their day

Ladies, is our quarter final confirmed for Sat Aug 5 at 7pm? Or is the above just speculation? Gotta book the time off from work if it is.