All Ireland Hurling Championship 2020

And whoever loses tomorrow

All in the draw Monday morning.

How does it work rebels open draw for next weekend?

That means we either play Clare or get a bye.

No it means the same as Wexford if were drawn we play either Clare, Cork or the looser of Tipp and Limerick, depending on who who is drawn out. If were not drawn out we play one of the winners of Round 1 in Round 2
I think I’m correct :cry:

It says “two from Leinster versus two from Munster” to play in round one. It also says the two beaten provincial quarter-finalists (Clare and Laois) play in round one. In other words Clare have to play a Leinster team have to play either Wexford or Dublin. I.e. Dublin will play Clare or get a bye.

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Yeah I think Dublin face Clare or no one. Clare could play Laois too.

The Round 1 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship Qualifier draw will take place live on RTE Radio 1’s Morning Ireland programme on Monday morning at 8.30am.

The six teams in the draw will be Laois, Cork, Clare, Dublin, Wexford and the losers of today’s Munster SHC semi-final between Limerick and Tipperary. The first four teams drawn will meet in Round 1. These teams will include both defeated provincial quarter-finalists (Laois and Clare).

The three Leinster and three Munster teams will be placed in separate bowls, with one of each receiving a bye to Round 2.

If we’re drawn at home in either round 1 or 2 is that Parnell Park or Croke Park

From a Cork POV, I’d like Dublin or Wexford but not a bye, definitely not a bye

Anyone but tipp please. If we’re not good enough next game then that’s it.

draw on now …

Dublin v Cork

Dublin vs cork

laois vs clare

Laois vs clare

Tricky one, i wonder where it’ll be played.