All Ireland Hurling Final, Kilkenny v Tipperary, Sun Sep 4th, Croke Park, 3.30pm

unreal record.

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He’s only gone and done it again, Cody hands a debut in an all Ireland final. Brilliant

Seriously low key build up to this - think everyone is bored of kilkenny v Tipp at this stage.

I was talking to two friends of mine from Callan and Nenagh. They don’t seem to be at all …

ha, well yea, as a neutral it’s pretty tedious though … kilkenny really could do with a spell in the doldrums for a decade or so to give everyone else a shot.

it’s only fair.

Hang on now Tayto - we can’t have the keepers of the flame in both codes in the doldrums …

Could be a good game though …

should be for sure, dont mind me i’m just hungover.

All the tickets going seem to be from Killkenny, either finals fatigue or they just can’t afford to go year after year. Tipp fans will be the vast majority tomorrow.
was in the tipp IT last night when the team was announced, part of tipp fm’s up for the match. lots of people looking at0each other when callanan announced.

Im reliably informed that Callinan will start and is fully fit. Very reliable source.


I’m going to go against basically everything any pundit has said this year. it has been said that to beat Kilkenny you must match their intensity. I’d argue the complete opposite. The aim should be to drag them into a slog. Slow the game down, not play it at their pace. KK thrive off a game where teams try to match their intensity, just look at the waterford games.

This KK team aren’t fit to lace the boots of the '08 team but they will be hard bet. I expect them to come out on top tomorrow

This locality is going to be a ghost town tomorrow, mass tonight was packed, and the choir sang sievenamon at the end to mad applause. confidence is high. . . . .

Why were they singing about Michael Collins’ car?

Some tipp lad got his hole with a lass on its bonnet one Saturday night.

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Best of luck to both sides today. I think they’ll serve us up a spectacular. May the best team win

Looking forward to heading in to this one. I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a cracker with Tipp shading it by getting a few goals but you can’t rule out Kilkenny.

Good start to the game . Big hit from Walter . Lovely sideline cut for Bubbles . Duignan already questioning one of the points .

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Biggest cheer of the day was for the shoulder. :grinning:

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Nip and tuck, just feel Kilkenny carry more of a goal threat.

Tipp the pacier team